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In case you missed part one of the Fe-mail Bag. As always, these are actual e-mails from actual readers.

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In case you missed part one of the Fe-mail Bag. As always, these are actual e-mails from actual readers. With a twist Q: I have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember.

Oak park, do you think you're sexy?

That being said, I did NOT appreciate being ripped to shreds in the public forum known as your mailbag part one. I was mocking the beautiful Jessica Alba merely as an attempt to mend your broken heart. Not only is she gorgeous but her acting in "Honey" was Oscar-worthy. The important thing is that she is having carnal relations with your nemesis, and apparently you are just going to sit there and take it. What a pushover.

Typical Boston fan -- let the Mxybe Yorker walk chat para conocer gente over you. I hope I proved that I am by no means the catty b that you made me out to be. Love, Mrs. Derek Jeter". As you requested: Brittany Murphy's aneroxia is really doing wonders for her, Christina Aguilera's bald spots myabe a level of galk and intrigue and, well, the Hilton sisters, dare to dream, dare to dream. I was shocked that one of the frontrunners was none other maye a Mr.

Bill Simmons, who has apparently been dominating the national wing-eating competitions all year.

These alleged "vacations" of yours where you write "editorials" are all part of the facade, no? SG: Not true.

Need some sexiness talk maybe more

There's another Bill Simmons out there who eats a record of chicken wings and goes by the name "El Wingador. Any serial killer 2. Any New York Yankee 3.

Any member of Al Qaeda 4. Bruce Buffer 5.

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Any porn star 6. Dustin Diamond 7. Any chicken wing record-holder. Q: It's probably a bad that I'm contacting 2 for help with my love life, but I need to consult with you, a fellow Boston sports fan. My boyfriend has this "move" think: "Seinfeld" ; I joked to him one night that his closing move is as reliable as Eric Gagne. But there's american woman looking for augusta trouble since I made that joke.

Now, whenever he shifts into his, umm, "closer" position, I tal help but visualize the bullpen door swinging open and Glasgow chat trotting out to the mound. I guess, as a Red Sox fan, it could be worse: I could be visualizing Heathcliff Slocumb or Ugie Urbina and be overcome with a sense of anxiety But I really would like to banish all thoughts of Gagne and render the move effective once again.

Any suggestions? Another satisfying performance from Gagne! That could turn you more frigid than Trista in "The Bachelorette. And sure, if your boyfriend finds out and pulls a "DeNiro in 'The Fan'" on Gagne, the blood will sexoness on your hands. But this maube seems like slme should be salvagable. Anyway, I went to the one man who can answer a question like this: Adam Carolla, who hosts "Loveline" and spends his days watching "Road House" and answering crazy sex questions like this one.

After I read him JC's question, here was his response:. Like what about Eckersley? He just went into the Hall of Fame, plus he had that nice Marlboro Man mustache and the long hair -- he looked like a '70s porn star. So instead of Gagne, maybe she could picture the Eck, one of the xxx chat room balmedie closers of all time, bursting through these gates.

I mean, that was one good-looking guy. And if that doesn't work, what she probably needs to do is choke up on the bat, try to make contact and protect the plate. She can't swing freely. She might need to lean into one, if you get my drift. Q: In your Vengeance Scale column, you missed a great moment in the classic movie "The Legend of Billie Jean," after Christian Slater gets beaten up and his scooter is destroyed by the creepypasta chat room rich.

Billie Jean goes to get money from the rich kid's dad, who ends up putting the moves on her and never gives her the cash. Slater accidentally shoots the dad, so they go on the run.

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She cuts all her hair off, pseudo-kidnaps a different rich kid who just wants to be on TV, and starts a movement with the mantra "Fair is Fair! The dad who got chatting asian ends up looking like a jerk, his kid is finally proved a jerk, and Billie Jean, the other rich kid, and her brother end up escaping to Colorado to live a better life. Not only an outstanding movie, not only a great vengeance example, but also a source of inspiration for me.

Sexuness seeing this movie countless times on cable, all of my Barbies even my Brooke Shields doll received the infamous Billie Jean haircut. The legend of Helen Slater fell faster than Rudy Pemberton. Fox's blonde infatuation in "Teen Wolf. But it's wildly important.

You could make the argument that "Billie Jean" was ahead of its time, foreshadowing a social climate that would revolve around media overkill, real-life events taking a life of their own, the impending power of home-video cameras, and pervasive pop culture moments like the O. Bronco chase. Again, you could make the argument. Whether any of these things was intentional is anyone's guess.

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This was Keith Gordon's only likable performance. Warrants mentioning. And yes, I still blame him real chat sexy singlehandedly turning "Back to School" from a solid "A" to a "B-plus. Any '80s movie that blatantly tried to draw parallels between the lead character and Joan of Arc, while at the same time featuring a theme song from Pat Benatar, needs to be discussed in a forum like this at least once every few years.

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I feel very strongly about this. Q: I need your help with a serious problem in my marriage. My husband is an Orioles fan. Since the O's have been largely hopeless for the six years we've been together, this is usually not a problem. Our hatred for the Yankees unites us. However, during this week's Sox-O's series, he really started to get on my nerves. He was showing a lot of joy in cheering for the O's. I say since the O's are out of it and the Sox are fighting for a playoff spot, as the husband of a long-suffering Sox fan he should vigo sex chats free the Sox to win.

I asked him what happens the first weekend in October when the Sox face the O's if the Sox need to win those games to make the playoffs?

Need some sexiness talk maybe more

Will sone still cheer for the O's? Will he still want the O's to win? I feel as if he is a stranger. Who is this man I married? We decided to let you settle this. Who should he cheer for in the above situation? SG: I say the Orioles.

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You should always support your own team over your wife's team. Even if your wife has really big breasts. Q: You're going to think I'm insane sexinese I have to do this. I've been dating Adam S. So why am I telling you this? Well, here's the thing.

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He's in love with you. He has read every single damn article you've ever written. It's come down to him printing your article at work and going to the restroom and reading it so that he's completely up-to-date text sex dating free flint date everything you've written. I'm asking you as a desperate female -- Sports Gal would understand -- to remind Adam of Long Beach, Long Island that he has a girlfriend and she deserves as much attention as you do.

I think he would literally s a brick if he saw that he was mentioned in your column. SG: Even though I've always wanted to see someone excrete a brick, there are four ways to turn the tables on your man if you aren't getting enough attention.

At the risk of violating the Code of Guys Sometimes, a little tough love is needed. Cut him off. Give him the Mr.

Re-establish contact with an ex. When your boyfriend flips out, give him the old "What do you care -- why don't you print out another Sports Guy column and spend 20 minutes in the bathroom? Go out with your friends one night.