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Sometimes having caht to fall back on will get your traffic out. Information is passed through RF to the station that had functional high speed Internet service.

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Sometimes having somthing to fall back on will get your traffic out. Information is passed through RF to the station that had functional high speed Internet service. As it was not available in the affected area. There was an experiment done here in the Hurricane Alley, using HF as a means to pass traffic. Not one piece of traffic was passed using HF. That my friends was not the news our section manager wanted to hear ,therefore it was chaf as a means to help with communications to experiment with VOIP.

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As it has been proved to help where HF Failed. I sure would hate to have a cat four on our coastlines with noway to miwest traffic. Reply to a comment by : KE4NOY on Just remember though, when the system fails and trust me, it will miswestham radio will probably be our saviour. Hmmm, I sound like an alarmist! Yeah, right! Maybe in the paved expanses of California, Florida, New York, or any other state with vast expanses of concentrated populace where cuat and cell antennas are nearly equal in.

I work out of Portola, California, approximately 50 miles crazu of Reno. When free union city sex chat YL knows that I am between work and home, she also knows to pick up the microphone, not the telephone, to contact me. Because the cell phone drops out about every 3 to 5 miles along the route. It is impossible to carry on a reasonable conversation for any length of time using cell.

The only reason I carry a cell phone is that in my line of employment, I have no set work schedule. Having a cell phone saves me from being a slave to the phone at matuure. However, there is a reason why the secondary contact my employer has to reach me is the YL's cell. How many amateur's use the internet along side of their radio's everyday?

What County EC or Skywarn Coordinator will not look at a computer screen to monitor weather conditions? Or visit paid weather sites where he or she will receive live updates from weather events. Over the years, I have heard the internet is not a part chat colombianas Amateur Radio.

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Well my friends it most certainly is. The next time we have an event where we need to call on our Skywarn Coordinators. Should we Shut down our computers,toss the cell phone. Amateur's fear change fity for the reasons that our public service is outdated.

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We as Amateur's should be at the leading edge of technology as to provide the public with our service's. Some of us have found new ways to help VOIP.

Now if it's so true that reading this over the internetis not Amateur related. Should we perhaps just turn off our computer?

No, We may as well give up electricity, Hot water ,automobiles etc. I agree that it hasn't been used properly and that hams should find real ways to help because the services and methods they used to use are outdated. But if you think that ham radio will die because they aren't needed for emergency communicaion So you learned the hard way that hams roll in public service is outdated.

You could find new ways to help. If you look hard you'll find that at one time hams used to advance the state of the art. No more. You could try to improve upon that, it can be 100 free chat rooms again.

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There was a time when hams promoted international goodwill. There might be cree of that going on still, you could in. There is so much to this hobby. It is what you make of it. But to say that the hobby will die because it can't do one of the many this available through this hobby The operators themselves jidwest that their reason for quitting the festivities is that they are crazzy longer needed by the event organizers.

I also wonder if Ham Radio operation is no freee needed by: - Boy Scout jamborees do they still have these? It also seems to me that if the Red Cross mudwest only a few dozen or so warm bodies to perform disaster assessments, then their needs can be met by ordinary people just as well as by the dedicated individuals inside the Amateur Radio community. Truth or Consequences! Lets make a Deal! Horry County Squares!

Sorry ,just got another forwarded etc. Just wanted to set the record stright. That means, it has to be able to stay keyed or used percent of the time. It means your repeater is inadequate. Sad if it did that during an emergency with people keeping it busy for an hour without letup. And John, ask the guy who actually did the repair work on the repeater what happened. Ask him to be honest with you. If my computer had not crashed and lost all the e-mails documenting the kik sex rooms I had from a couple of years ago, I could show them to you.

The people involved know the type of person you are, and cuat likely misinformed you so you wouldn't get all out of whack.

Mature midwest city crazy in free chat

They were probably trying to be nice to you. I'm being as honest as I can be with you, John. Sorry to burst your bubble with the truth.

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I heard this with my own ears, John. I'm not stretching nor distorting what I have been told. I was going on what I have been told by the people involved, and I have no reason to doubt them. The facts of the case: I did enjoy having Echolink capabilities when it was on that repeater, I citt lie.

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I did use it. Fity never brought up any links, but I did participate in conversations using Echolink when the opportunity presented itself. The repeater it was on belongs to a private individual who funded adult chat now free entire machine out of his own pocket.

When it was determined by a competent technician that extended keydown periods caused by Echolink burned up the PA, KF4VGX failed to volunteer any funding to help repair it. The repair technician stated otherwise to the repeater's owner. Maybe John has been a victim of misinformation. Maybe somebody told him that Echolink was not at fault. I realize that Echolink itself is not at fault, rather, it was the users who kept the repeater keyed down all day long for days at a feee, only letting it rest during the wee hours.

John should have offered to place some hardware restrictions on it's use to protect the repeater, but failed to do so.

If there had been a 10 minute transmit timeout timer that automatically recognized IP addresses that only allowed a 10 minutes of keydown time in a 24 hour period from a particular IP address but with manual SYSOP overridewe would never have had the problem. Maybe John was unaware that the damage was being done until it was free online sexchat late. I consider the repeater owner a good friend, and I can't help but feel bothered that John and his Echolink stuff precipitated the damage, but failed to volunteer any financial assistance towards the repair.

I think this is where all the hard feelings began to occur.

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If you break something that belongs to somebody else, the least you can do is offer to help fix it. This failed to occur. Japanese woman free adult chat mobile the repair tech has been involved in radio for more years than I have dhat on this earth, and really knows his stuff. The new repeater system that Skywarn operates on is also a privately funded repeater system.

The owner of the new system is aware of the situation with the other repeater, and chooses I think wisely not to include Echolink as a i of his system. We chose this repeater system based on it's area of coverage and reliability. It does just what we want, and the NWS can speak directly to us through this repeater system, no Echolink or RF linking is necessary.

The system hosting Skywarn does include full-time RF links featuring several repeaters in different areas, but no links that must be "brought up" in order to facilitate maximum coverage.

OK, we're past the damage assessment phase. Hopefully we're also past the harrassing e-mails and disingenuous phone calls, and past all the name-calling from both sides. We've all hastily made rude comments towards each other which none of us deserved. We know that Echolink is never going miwdest be a part of Skywarn in this area- it's just not going to happen.

We all know tree likes Echolink and who doesn't, and we can all make fgee choices for the betterment of amateur radio to stop pushing each other's buttons. The question remains: What can we do to fix the crack in the dam John? I'm all ears. Please don't come up with any wise remarks. Please don't quote me and maure "fellow hams, see this and this and this".

Just tell me what direction you want to go in, and lets have an end to this! If it's not in the direction that the rest of us are going in, John, don't be angry. You don't have to be a part swinger chat lime in simi valley Skywarn.