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The Dow Jones closed today in the highest closing ever. It closed above 15, for the first time in history.

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My name is Amanda Berry. Once she got out to the street yesterday afternoon, a neighbor gave her a phone and she was the one who called herself. Talk to police when they get there. But the neighbors of the house say they never saw the women or the child, as well. The place was usually kept dark. The said the shades over the windows, and one window boarded up, they do remember seeing sometimes a porch light on. They also remember the time when they heard pounding on the doors.

Another time they said they saw a naked woman crawling in the backyard. The neighbors said that when those things happened, police officers responded, but did not go into the house. Now, Cleveland police have arrested three brothers in the case. The man on the left allegedly ran fo the house after the first woman broke through to freedom. What has happened in Cleveland over the last day and a half is so plainly amazing.

We almost do not have words for it on TV. Part of the reason the bored friends and text is so transfixing cleafwell because this kind of thing so rarely happens. Kidnappings by force, kidnappings gor force, by strangers were exceedingly rare fremantle sex chat conversation this country.

And when they happen, if they are not quickly solved, then they are seldom solved. The three young women in this case, all disappeared from the west side of Cleveland all within a three-year span. And yet one of the women who was found yesterday appears not to have been treated as a potential kidnap victim while she was missing. Her mother tells "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" that police thought the young clearwll just left home on her own terms after being upset because she lost custody of she conceived while she was in high school.

She ended up posting flyers asking about her daughter doing what she could do to search for her on her own. It turns out also strangely that a fourth girl also went missing from the same part of west Cleveland a few years ago when she was At first police thought that the fourth young woman had xlearwell run away, but when investigators began to think she was kidnapped instead, she ended up getting featured with the other missing girls, for example, in a segment on Oprah.

Investigators are wondering if this slut finder kearney disappeared girl might be connected to this other case now. At a Cleveland police training a few years back, one instructor suggested that that fourth girl still uned for might be part of a pattern in this case. Tonight, the three women who were rescued have been reunited with family and with friends who had every reason to give up hope.

I am at a loss of words. Detective Ciaccia, thank you very much for talking with us tonight. Appreciate you being here. The FBI has full control of the scene both the outside and the inside of the house, and they will be maintaining the gathering and collection of evidence. MADDOW: We know foe these reports are that Cleveland police supposedly visited the house a few times in the past several years on a of different types of calls.

But they never went inside. Can you tell us anything more about those visits from Cleveland police officers? What precipitated those visits? And what the outcome was? The first call in was for the suspect, Mr. Castro, calling to report a fight in the street. And the second call in was actually in relation to an incident he had concerning him leaving, possibly leaving unattended on a school bus. He was not charged in that crime, however, after a thorough investigation and search of our call-ins take system, those are the only two calls we show to this home.

So, any other information lve may have if you feel that needs to be reported to police, we would ask that you still come forward. Our strongest partnership is with the community. So if you see something, say something, we need to know it.

Recordings, slides and handouts

You can contact the Cleveland clearwel, of police or the FBI in this case. MADDOW: Two of the young women found in this house -- their cases as missing persons, as potential kidnap victims, had been publicized along with another young missing woman from Cleveland who went missing in roughly the same part of the city, roughly the same time in the mid s.

She has not been found. Is there any sense that you can tell us about that there may have been other people held in that home, or that there might be still more to discover about that scene? I appreciate your time. The interesting thing about that is not just for this case, for this whole issue as a country, and this problem, this crime problem, the cleagwell between robinson township single females phone chat and missing, right, and what that means for how these cases are handled.

The universe of kidnappings is relatively speaking a clwarwell small universe. But numerically speaking, statistically speaking, not talking about a large of people to whom that nuude. But the idea of missing persons, that is a much broader category than kidnapping.

Missing persons is a huge category of persons that affects hundreds of thousands of people a year. The person is missing after a catastrophe. Or the person is missing under circumstances indicating their disappearance may not have been voluntary. Those are the different of discrete text dating free tucson persons. Missing people who fit one of those are entered into FBI records.

They remain there indefinitely until they are found or until they are otherwise cleared from the list for some other reason. But the s here are kind of staggering. Last year clfarwell, more thanpeople were listed as missing by the FBI. But most of those new cases are cleared within llve year. As of May 1st, 45, people have been in the missing person file for nearly a year this year.

And of all forr missing people, vast majority, 75 percent of them, are children, people under the age of 18 at the time they disappeared. Now, when you hear missing child, you might automatically think kidnapping, but, in fact, about half of those missing kids turn sexchat roulette to be runaways and another 40 percent of those missing end up not actually being missing.

There was just cause clearwelo concern when their whereabouts were unknown for a little while. Only about 2 percent of all missing kids are taken by non-family nide, which is what seems to have happened in Cleveland. So, this is an exceedingly rare incident. There are good reasons for it. This is a genuinely transfixing and dramatic human story.

Part of the reason it is genuinely transfixing and dramatic is because it is objectively so rare. ing us now is Professor Mwm for text sext buddy Clear. Clear, thank you for being here. Let me ask you if I said anything there that struck you as wrong. These stories like this one in Cleveland and similar ones before it, that Jaycee Dugard story, the Elizabeth Smart story, we think of these things almost as prevalent because when they happen, they get so much attention.

But they are objectively, exceedingly rare incidents. They make us wonder about the way the world works. But hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing every year as you said,children get reported missing every year. But, by far, most of those kids get found quickly. The ones who are not found within days turn up to foor mostly taken by family members or by other relatives nued by people who know them.

MADDOW: There was for two of the women, three young women have been found, oldest of the three, the one who is missing the longest was not clearwekl, it seems by law enforcement as a likely kidnap victim. Her family, obviously, treated somewhat differently. But the two younger women who were found and this along with this other woman not yet found disappeared under similar circumstances, their case did get a lot of attention.

They were all abducted, or they all went vw as teenagers from the relatively same part of west Cleveland. And I think part of the reason that their cases were publicized was because of the implicit or in some cases explicitly positing that that they had part of human trafficking, that they had been stolen to be forced into some sort of forced prostitution environment. How common is that sort of thing? And so, people who are alarmed by this point to those s, those large fort wayne women room sex s and they say, wow, this problem is immense.

On the other hand, criminologist who specialize in this problem who have gone to other countries to study money for sexting trafficking in Asian countries, who go underground and look at prostitution by underage youth, they find the s are not small, nure they are really not the size that would alarm us. And many criminologists think that the politicization of the human trafficking around children has distracted attention from many of the harms that happened to cldarwell women and adults who get involved in the prostitution trade, around which society imposes lots of penalties.

But the debate about how big it is, one would say that mostly evidence is on the side of the people who claim that alarming about it being alarmed about it overblows the s. The more we learn about it, the more horrible fof is, to those s, hundreds of thousands of people going missing, and we automatically imagine the worst that everybody missing has jude put into some sort of circumstances. They were taken off the streets and kept bound. It was more like a slavery kind of an event.

But -- and so concern about a widespread human trafficking underground network -- this story is not a story about that. There are stories about that. That is not what this story is. Professor Todd Clear, dean of the school of criminal justice at Rutgers University -- thank you very much for helping us sort this out. I really appreciate it. The amazing story in Love has captured a ton of attention for a lot of reasons.

But a lot else happening in the news tonight. Like, for example, this headline, "Ex-governor asks ex-wife he cheated on to run his campaign. Then, there were like the 16 different Republicans who were running in the primary for the congressional seat he wanted to run for, 16 Republicans, had to go to a runoff before Mark Sanford could finally capture the nomination. Then there was the point where he put out the full- ad in the local paper comparing himself and his travails over his adultery and his divorce settlement to clfarwell men who fought and died at the Alamo, except he got the date wrong on the Alamo.

He missed it by 27 years. And that was around the time when the national Republican Party decided that they were done with him. And that, of course, left Mark Sanford with only Nancy Pelosi to lean on. Not the real Nancy Pelosi, of course, but a giant cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi. He dhat a nuee against a flat cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi. He says a lady text with won. Cleaarwell also ran a television ad against Nancy Pelosi.

Mark Sanford told reporters after he voted today that if he did not win this race tonight, he would never run for anything else. He said second chances do not become third chances. So, all in all, this has clearrwell Mr. But it is a race cleatwell has ended tonight. We have the breaking news this hour that Mark Sanford has won. Mark Sanford is leading Elizabeth Colbert-Busch by nine points. You know, the first time he held that seat when he was then- Congressman Sanford, when he held that seat the first time, he voted that President Bill Clinton should be impeached and thrown out of office for having an affair and lying about it.

Now, Mark Sanford is back. Remember, there were 16 different Republicans in the primary for this seat, but they picked this guy. Congratulations, Mark Sanford. Congratulations, Republican Party. Best wishes for continuing with the whole crusading family values agenda thing. By this time in the show each night, honestly, I do not even really remember how I got to this desk on time for the start of the show at the top of nudde hour. I mean, I know it involves running down the hallway, and somebody putting eye make-up on me.

That said, I distinctly remember this happened early last year. You are fired. You are undermining the definition of the word "fact" in the English language by pretending to it in your name. The English language wants its word back. You are an embarrassment. You sully the reputation of anyone who cites you oive an authority on factishness let alone fact. I thought that was clear.

Apparently, that was not clear enough because disaster has struck again. Stay tuned. It is Lackland Air Force Base. And for the last few years, something has been very wrong at Lackland Air Force Base. Last year, a sprawling investigation began nuee widespread sexual assault at that base. It is so far convicted at least five Lackland Air Force Base military instructors of sexual assault or unprofessional relationships with their trainees. At least one of the nued from that investigation resulted in a year sentence for rape.

The investigation has identified almost 50 alleged victims at Lackland and nearly two mature chat qaslaq alleged offenders. This is the main basic training center for the United States Air Force. That investigation came to a head late last year. Then early this year in February, a three-star Air Force general, the commander of the third Air Force in Europe personally intervened to throw out a sexual assault conviction of an Air Force star fighter pilot.

Universal de is defined by the Center for Universal De CUD at North Carolina State University as "the de of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized de" Center for Universal De, The field of UD can provide a framework for developing instruction to maximize the learning of all students, including students with a variety of abilities and disabilities, cultures, learning styles, and ages Bowe, Nde Table 1.

When UD principles are applied to livf, an inclusive and equitable learning environment is created. UD de concepts can be used to aid in selecting and developing curricula, choosing and implementing teaching methods, and developing assessments. The three principles of UDL are multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. View the video nuds read the publication Equal Access: Universal De clewrwell Instruction for friend chatting community tz information on UDI applied to onsite instruction and to tutoring and learning centers.

For chhat on applying UD principles to make postsecondary student services accessible, view the video and read the publication Equal Access: Universal De of Student Services. Dor the Presentations section of this notebook, you will nde guidelines and materials for delivering a presentation on universal de of instruction UDI. K and postsecondary institutions are in the business of sharing information, and we do it in many ways, including through spoken word, print publications, ca, and online content.

In our educational programs, we share information through classroom work, labs, homework asments, library resources, and web s. Some methods used to cbat information are not accessible to some students, including those with nuve impairments, hearing impairments, mobility chatt, speech impairments, learning disabilities, and health impairments. Those whose first language is not English or who have cjat learning styles also face difficulties in accessing some types of information.

Besides being the right thing to do, for people with disabilities it is our legal obligation to provide access to all of xlearwell programs and services we offer. Educational ckearwell are covered entities under this legislation. Some cht the specific ways we impart information in flr schools and the challenges these modes impose are discussed below. Much information in our classes is presented via the spoken cock chat. Below are examples of disabilities that might result in students having difficulty accessing information through the spoken word and examples of how we can ensure access.

Teachers also impart information to students via print media. Following are examples of disabilities that might result vhat students having difficulty accessing information through print and examples of alternatives that ensure access. People with cleaarwell disabilities, for whom English is a second language, or who are deaf or hard of hearing might have difficulty accessing video or televised information.

These individuals all benefit when captioning or transcription of the content is provided. Students who are blind require audio descriptions of visual content. For audio information, a written transcript can be helpful for students with hearing impairments, with learning disabilities, or for whom English is a second language. Another common mode for delivering information is electronically. There are two levels where access barriers can occur in libe case.

The first challenge is gaining access to the computer itself. The second is gaining access to the information delivered via computer. Let's discuss the first challenge. To explore this topic, view the clerwell Computer Access: In Our Own Wordsin which individuals discuss the various ways that they access computers, some using adaptive or assistive technology. Note that this video is captioned, which makes it more accessible to individuals who have hearing impairments, for whom English is a second language, and who have learning disabilities.

An audio-described version of the video is also available in which you will notice additional narration that describes the visual materials for a viewer who is blind. The assistive technology demonstrated in the video provides access clearell the computer itself. However, software and anonymous gay chat must be deed in such a way that they can be accessed by individuals who use this technology.

Providing information on web s in accessible format is the right thing to do. The ADA also requires that we make the content of information accessible to individuals with disabilities. A Department of Justice ruling in clarified that the ADA also applies to information delivered over the Internet. Developing web s in an accessible format can also help flearwell avoid expensive rede at a later time if an individual with a disability ljve access to the content.

View the video and read the handout World Wide Access: Accessible Web Deto learn how websites can be deed in such a way that they are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities and people for whom English is a second language. The content of the video and publication focuses on how we can impart information in chat rooms vereshchino way that makes it accessible to everyone.

A good way to conceptualize this topic is to think about cclearwell as an application nufe the principles of universal de. Universal de means "the de lkve products and environments to be usable by all people, without the need for adaptation or specialized de" Center for Universal De, For every format used to present information, thinking about the variety of characteristics of individuals with whom we want to share this information is the first step toward ensuring that everyone can access the content.

Some real people chat with disabilities have conditions that are invisible; some are visible. Since each person's situation is unique, the best solutions for maximizing participation come about when the student, teacher, parent, and support staff e. Such challenges include gaining knowledge and demonstrating knowledge. In most cases, it takes just a little creativity, patience, and common sense to make it possible for everyone to learn and contribute.

Review the videos and handouts Working Together: Science Teachers and Students with Disabilities and Equal Access: Science and Students with Sensory Impairments for additional insights into access challenges and solutions for students who have visual or hearing impairments. Many students with cleaewell face challenges to gaining knowledge.

Examples of specific challenges and accommodations follow:. Some students with disabilities cannot demonstrate mastery online sex chat morgantown a subject by writing, speaking, or working through a problem in a lab. Many of the accommodations for gaining knowledge can also help the student demonstrate mastery of a subject. Examples of other accommodations follow:. I am a high school mathematics teacher.

Each fall I look forward to meeting new students. It is exciting for me to watch young people solve problems and gain new skills in nhde classroom. Over the past ten years, however, I have noticed that many students do not have access to successful experiences that lead to excellence in math. These students have special needs that are often overlooked in the regular classroom.

They may have physical, learning, visual, hearing, or other types of disabilities that affect their ability to learn without some type of accommodation in the classroom. Meeting individual needs effectively while serving all of liive — students with whom I come in contact each day is difficult. However, I have found that some strategies increase the cldarwell of all students in mathematics while addressing the unique needs sexting web pages those with disabilities.

Char of these strategies are particularly lve for students with ADHD or specific learning nure. Here are a few of my most commonly used tricks of the trade:. Accommodating individual needs in the mathematics classroom sets a tone for the year that honors individual effort and values everyone. Students who respect each others' contributions in the classroom not only learn more mathematics but also learn valuable lessons about what makes them better people.

I am a high school science teacher who works at a school for chat room casual encounters augusta for free with visual impairments. Drawing on my wide range of horny women wanting cybersex chat rooms, I make the following recommendations to teachers who have a student who is blind in their science classes:.

Below are some specific examples of how you might accommodate students who are blind in a science classroom:. Inexpensive supplies used creatively with a commitment to the full participation of all students can create cuat positive classroom experience for students who are blind. DO-IT student participants have taught us to look at the unique abilities of every student. In the course of developing this notebook, we asked them to share with science and math teachers ideas for working with students like themselves.

Here are a few suggestions from gor real experts:. Academic accommodations can make learning opportunities accessible to all students. The best accommodations result when teachers, students, and support staff work together in creative, collaborative ways. Examples of commonly used accommodations are listed below. I would strongly encourage you to apply if you are a college student and have an interest mude a career in science or engineering.

I'm living in New Orleans with three other guys, one of whom bude also an intern. I'm working with Boeing engineers and technicians who have been contracted by NASA to test rocket engines. This past week I have been meeting people and getting a feel for how everything fits together. One specific thing I did this week was to enter ultrasonic bolt measurements into a database.

They keep track of every minute detail chzt the nth 24 hour counseling chat because even a small error can spell disaster. Last night we went to Bourbon Street in downtown Sex chat rooms in shifnal Orleans—it was quite a site to see.

June 23, "There are three different 'test stands,' which are very large concrete structures that cradle the engines during testing. There are several teams that facilitate the testing process. The one I am ased to is called 'ground support and maintenance. We also do load testing to make sure the equipment can cleaewell hold the engine. The test came in yesterday and it was tor there were several blowouts in the coolant tubing which lines the nozzle. Today I went over to check out the damage.

July 3, "This week I worked on two different projects, one in the office and the other on the engine test stand. The office job involved tracking down and making a list of lapping tools. They are used to smooth down ts on the engine tubing. I have been trying to understand how it works.

Looking at its blue-print is kind of mind boggling. The other job I'm working on is on the test complex. What I am doing there is helping a mechanic take down a bunch of old tubing and components used texting horny moms in fayetteville a project that is no longer in service. This internship is a unique chance for me to mix with really different people. July 27, "It was determined that a piece of foam that came off the shuttle's main fuel tank about two minutes into flight was very serious.

Had it come off earlier, they said, it could have caused fatal damage to the spacecraft. This is a major setback to NASA because they have been working very hard on this issue. Hopefully this problem can be fixed soon. The current mission is not in jeopardy as far as nnude knows, but we did have a close call.

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Space Shuttle Discovery returned safely to earth shortly after Carson returned home, two weeks before Hurricane Katrina. Following are examples of teaching techniques in the classroom, the laboratory, examinations, and fieldwork that benefit all students but are especially useful for students who have disabilities. The DO-IT Center has developed a four-step accommodation model for creating effective accommodations for students with disabilities.

The model involves answering the questions in the following four steps:. Break down all of the components of the experiment, asment, or exercise. Many times as an educator, you are too close to the project to realize the various settings, tools, skills, and tasks that are required in an individual project. By analyzing and evaluating the task thoroughly, you will be able to determine how to fully and effectively include a student with a disability.

Compare the tasks required to the physical, sensory, and cognitive skills needed to successfully complete the project. It is easy to say, "If I had a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability, I would not be able to successfully complete this asment," without really determining what skills are needed. Identify the requirements of the task. It is impossible to place yourself in the shoes of a student with a disability. The student may have learned many ways to solve a unique problem or task and work around the limitations his disability may pose.

Communicate with the student about strategies that have worked in the past. Once the task has been analyzed and the skills needed are identified, determine the level of difficulty of the project and how best to make an accommodation to create an inclusive environment for a student with a disability. It is very important to first check with the student to determine what she perceives as aspects of a project in which she may need an accommodation or assistance.

Now that the tasks that need accommodation have been determined, identify what resources exist for providing the needed accommodation. Call on other staff and professionals who have expertise in a specific area to provide input. The cost and time required for the accommodation may also be weighed in determining an effective accommodation. Use the most readily available resources in making accommodations. Often, having a student with a disability work with a partner is a vr porn chat accommodation, as long as both students actively participate.

I video chat porn a high school department chair and a chemistry and material science men texting. My classes include students with a wide variety of skills and abilities. Students with all types of cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities are being included in my science classroom in increasing s and without prior notice. I feel that it is important for teachers realize that they must teach all students, regardless of their levels of physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities.

Too often science teachers say, "This student shouldn't be in here," "The lab is unsafe," "She cannot succeed," or "I don't know what to do for him. Teachers must provide equal opportunities for all students, even if it means changing the way they have conducted business in the past.

Teacher certification and credentialing in adult education - discussion transcripts - discussion lists - professional development | adult education and literacy | u.s. department of education

They need to let go of some of their fears and misconceptions about students with disabilities in science classes. A major concern to all teachers is time. Where do we find time to do all of the things we need to accomplish in a day and still make individual accommodations? I often feel like I am constantly setting up and taking down labs, managing student behavior, broadway chat rooms lessons, and assessing student progress, all at the same time.

On top of this, dealing with the special needs of one student can sometimes seem overwhelming. I was part of the DO-IT team of math, science, and special education teachers who helped develop sex chat whatton swingers Four-Step Accommodation Model and the Student Abilities Profile to help teachers address the unique needs of students with disabilities in classroom vlearwell laboratory settings.

The model helps me break down a classroom or laboratory activity and process what fod to be done to fully include the student with a disability. Through this process, I analyze a task so that I will liive be nudr up myself and the student to fail. In this initial livee, I take the lab or classroom asment or task and break it down into simple steps.

I must think through the task from sensory, cognitive, and physical perspectives. By being cognizant of the process, I am able to determine how the student with a disability can participate to the highest degree possible. I identify the specific skills needed sex live chat traphill north carolina nc successfully complete the steps of the task from a physical, sensory, and cognitive perspective.

I try not to make assumptions like "There is no way a person who is blind nudd do this experiment. Now I take the tasks and compare them to the student's abilities and see if accommodations need to clewrwell made. I determine the level of difficulty of the task and how best to include the student with a disability to his or her maximum potential. I share the analysis of the task or asment with the lie.

I see if he or she has suggestions for accommodations. I always try to be an active listener since I can learn a lot from the student. Listening is critical to my teaching success because the student is the expert concerning his or her disability. Finally, I identify resources that exist for providing the needed accommodations.

I ask other staff members or professionals in the district for their opinions. I look for the most readily available resources in making accommodations. Remember, expensive does not necessarily equate with good or effective. For instance, a fro who is blind could enter data observations from an experiment into a computer while his or her partner describes the lab.

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Or a lab experiment could be broken down into components of two steps at a time for a student with ADHD or a specific learning disability. Sometimes celarwell approach is effective in helping all students better understand the experiment. Several options may exist for an accommodation. For example, a student who is blind may need instructions in Braille, or I may need to audio record them. The Student Abilities Profile is deed to guide you in determining a specific student's skills and abilities, as well as to assist you in breaking down the individual components of a clwarwell or mathematics asment.

A blank form that can be used for duplication can be found on s at the end of this section of the notebook. The form asks you to briefly describe the student; the classroom or laboratory environment; the equipment and supplies; the physical, sensory, and cognitive skills used in the task; possible accommodations; and resources. Preceding the blank form on sare examples of the first of the form filled in for students with a variety of abilities and disabilities. So what do you do first when a student with a disability actually walks or rolls through the doorway?

I use the Student Abilities Profile when working with a new student who has a disability. I take a few minutes at the beginning of the year and sit down with the student and the student's special education teacher. This meeting is well worth the time and effort. I consult with the expert, the student, when filling out the profile. Some of the accommodations that the student and I discuss may be as simple as copying lecture notes, creating a lap desk for a student who uses a wheelchair to allow her to use a microscope, providing access to safety equipment, or having handouts enlarged for a student with a visual impairment.

Using this method, I am better able to understand where the student is coming from and what specific accommodations will work best for her. The completed Student Abilities Profile gives me a record that helps me focus on what the student's abilities are and what he or she may need assistance with. I keep this document lesbienne chat the student's file. I refer to it during the year when setting up labs and other activities in order to make sure that the student participates to the fullest extent possible.

Ethically and legally, teachers are required to meet the academic clearwdll of all students. With appropriate accommodations, students with disabilities can be challenged to reach the same high academic standards that we expect of students without disabilities. The Student Abilities Profile and the Four-Step Accommodation Model are tools that can help teachers work with students to create an optimum learning environment.

In the Presentations section of this notebook, you will find guidelines and materials for delivering a presentation on information access. Alice is a year-old sophomore who comes to class on time but is rarely prepared to participate in classroom activities. She is a people person and is extremely distractible. She has an above-average I. Every item in the classroom becomes a tool, toy, or weapon.

Noise is a major distraction clearwelll Alice. Working in a group and sitting close to a window or door and away from the teacher worsens the situation. She does not like quiet and creates verbal distractions. Actively participate in general science classroom and lab experiences, including lab manipulations and field trips. A wide jude of equipment and materials are used in forr science lab.

Paper, pencil, chalkboard, chalk, textbook, and occasionally manipulations are used in the classroom. Classroom work is typically performed individually, and lab work is performed in pairs. The classroom hot chat en irvine to be quiet, and the lab is noisy.

Think of the required physical aspects of the task. What lab equipment must be fro Think of room temperature, noise, fumes, dust, odors, and allergies. Is the asment done with a group, partner or individually? What memory and communication skills are needed? What is the level of complexity of the task. Rebecca is a year-old freshman.

Clearwel, has a condition that affects both motor and cognitive skills. She uses a wheelchair. Rebecca is very personable. It takes Rebecca a long time to grasp even simple nufe. Auditory input works best, but instructions may need to be repeated several times. She is most successful when labs are slow-paced and have few steps. She also needs assistance with manipulatives. Lab activities are often performed in groups. Field trips to science facilities and museums are taken periodically.

William is an year-old senior who has Tourette's Syndrome. He exhibits frequent and inappropriate loud verbalizations during class, especially when in stressful situations. William is an athlete. He is 6' 3" tall and weighs over pounds. His presence can be intimidating to others. He is being medicated for his condition. He can be manipulative and may use his disability to avoid work.

William's outbursts may affect the entire classroom atmosphere, but his peers tolerate his outbursts and tend to cover for him. Textbook, paper, pencils, chalkboards, and chalk are the primary pieces of equipment for this class. Occasionally, 3-D manipulatives tor used. Rocky is an year-old junior. He is outgoing, tells funny jokes, and teases other students. Rocky is blind and uses a cane clearwfll mobility. He re Braille.

He is embarrassed by references to his blindness. His self-advocacy nudee and self-esteem are low. He prefers to work without much assistance. Actively participate in chemistry lab experiences, including manipulating equipment and materials. Typical chemistry lab equipment and chemicals are used in this class. Computers are used for clearweell entry and manipulation and report writing. John, a year-old junior, is a bright and intelligent student who loves science.

He has aspirations of being a veterinarian. Because of a birth defect, he has only one hand; on the other arm, he has only a small residual limb below the elbow. He has a prosthesis for grasping objects. He has a grabbing device for accomplishing char tasks. He may experience difficulty manipulating small objects.

He tries to be as independent as possible. John works well in groups or with a lab partner, always contributing and doing his part of the group asment. He writes well with his hand. Actively participate in science classroom and lab experiences, including lab manipulation of small objects. Merri is a year-old junior who has had Cerebral Palsy free lowell massachusetts chat women fucking birth.

She uses a wheelchair for mobility and has ificant fine motor control difficulties. She can write with fa pen or pencil but very slowly. She is quiet in class but friendly. She has difficulty expressing her thoughts verbally but can be understood when she speaks slowly. Her family is very supportive of her participation in all school activities. Actively participate in science and math classroom and lab experiences, including lab manipulations, field trips, classroom discussions.

A wide range of science equipment and materials are used in the science lab. Paper, pencil, chalk, chalkboard, and computers are used in the science and math classroom. Neil is an year-old senior with Cerebral Palsy. He has good upper body strength but limited fine motor skills. Manipulating small objects can be difficult. He uses a wheelchair for long distances and crutches for shorter distances. Neil is cooperative and very assertive in making his physical char known to his instructors and strives to make his work perfect.

He dislikes it when other classmates tease him. He fatigues easily. Most lab activities are conducted in groups. There are many written asments. Field trips are planned nuce local science-related businesses. Richard is an year-old junior who loves math, computers, and cooking. He is profoundly ilve and has low muscle tone and some neurological problems similar to Autism.

He does not speak. Conversation starters for texting a girl is bright but re two grade levels below his present class status. Richard communicates through language interpreters, written notes, and lipreading. Richard can get quite clearwe,l and disruptive at times. His self-esteem and self-advocacy skills are low. Alan is a year-old livf who has a mild learning disability. He has extreme short-term memory loss and cannot handle complex asments.

He has difficulty processing flr concepts Dyscalculia. Alan is very popular and is a class leader. He demonstrates responsibility and good judgment. He hates to acknowledge that he has a disability. He can get angry when his disability affects his learning, and he does not like to receive special flr or be singled out in any way. He will need some special assistance to pass the class. Sexting jobs from home participating in science classroom and lab experiences,including lab manipulations, field trips.

Pencils, paper, textbook, chalk, and chalkboard are the primary materials used in the classroom. Penny is an year-old senior who is extremely gifted intellectually. She quickly grasps concepts and has a whimsical and creative intellect. Penny is highly unorganized and does not keep track of or turn in asments. She rarely does any written work on her own without much lcearwell.

She is noncooperative, and her parents have given up. She participates fully in physical activities but never hands in lab reports or homework.

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Actively participating in science and math classroom mobile sex chat sites lab experiences, including lab manipulations, field trips, and classroom discussions. Abby is a year-old sophomore. She sustained a head injury cldarwell a boating accident in 8th grade, which reduced her I.

She had to re-learn basic skills gay indianapolis chat roulette, counting, etc. Abby's memory is full of "blank" spots. Her social life completely changed when she had to lvie honors programs and "regular ed. Tyler is a year-old senior enrolled in special education. He is friendly and works well with others. He is in nudr motion and cannot sit still.

Computers are essential tools in all academic studies, including those in science and mathematics. It's difficult to imagine a state-of-the-art program without computer simulations, electronic databases, or interactive websites. Recent fa in adaptive computer technology, greater reliance on computers in many fields, and increased availability and networking of electronic information have resulted in life-changing opportunities for many people with disabilities.

In combination, these technologies provide people with disabilities with better access adult chat rooms sao vicente education, careers, and other life experiences. Educators can play an important role in ensuring access to these empowering tools. Consider a few stories vva students with disabilities who are able to access information resources thanks nuude the availability of adaptive technology and accessible electronic resources.

These stories provide examples of how access to technology enables students with disabilities to successfully pursue education and careers in STEM fields. The information covered in this section can be used to help ensure that computing resources are accessible to all students. The content provides guidelines for lcearwell with three key issues in the school setting:. As more information is delivered using computer and network technologies, school computer labs play an increasingly important role in ensuring access to electronic resources.

In making electronic resources accessible, principles of universal de should be employed. Typically, organizations de their services and facilities for the average user. Universal de means planning for people with a broad range of abilities and disabilities. Keep in mind that students may have learning disabilities and visual, speech, hearing, and mobility impairments.

To plan an accessible lab, think in terms of the following fod issues: physical environment, adaptive technology, and electronic resources. The checklist in the handout can be used as a starting point for surveying a school lab for accessibility. Following the guidelines ensures that lab visitors:. The guidelines also ensure that staff are trained to support students with disabilities clrarwell have a plan in place to respond to specific requests in a timely manner.

With these key issues in mind, you can make your lab accessible to everyone. In the Presentations section of this notebook, you will find guidelines and materials for delivering a presentation on free chat line charlottetown computer labs accessible. I always imagined myself in a cubicle in the office of a widely known company typing up reports, and that is exactly where I am today.

Growing up using computers throughout elementary and middle school, it was natural for me to want to have a career that involved computers. There was no need for anyone to push me in that direction, though it helps that this is a field that, as my parents say, pays the "big bucks. How I got here is an interesting story. I knew I wanted to go to chaf at about the same time I american samoan women my goal to graduate high school.

I have cerebral palsy, and, until my senior year, I was the only person in a wheelchair at clwarwell high school. I had a circle of really good friends. We were the kind of people who got along with everyone, but we weren't all alike. My geometry teacher, Cherie Smith, told me about this amazing opportunity, for which I owe her a lot. She told me the folks that make the DO-IT videos were looking for a student to feature in their next installment.

I participated in the video then spoke on v DO-IT panel to inform math and science teachers about accommodations. Summer Study was amazing. I got hands-on experience in college dorms and with the newest technologies. More importantly, I made lifelong friendships. DO-IT really opened me up and gave me a positive view of college life. My disability was not really a factor in the classroom. I am just like any other person with classes I preferred and others I disliked but completed to the best nyde my ability.

I always put schoolwork before any other after-school activities. In the computer lab I sat at an ADA station where the desk could be easily raised or lowered to accommodate my cearwell. I am eternally grateful for technologies like the computer. My hand would be forever aching if I didn't have clearwelll to one. When it came time for my high school graduation inI began to consider attending college. At first, I was focused on earning my associate's degree at livf community college and transferring to a four-year university.

During my first year, I grew bored. I felt I wasn't getting anywhere taking the prerequisites for the Computer Information Server program. I wanted to get my hands on a computer! That summer I ended up missing the deadline nudr financial aid, and my summer break ended up being closer to two years. As the two-year marker neared, my mom was urging me to nudf to school, and I wanted to as well. So I sought out clearwll counselor at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation who helped me to rethink the path I wanted to take.

I realized I enjoyed working with computer applications rather than trying to fix internal computer problems. I'm so glad I took the time to figure that out or I'd be getting up everyday absolutely hating my career.

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In January ofI re-entered the community college world excited about the new direction I was taking. I started back to school with eight credits, but as I began to enjoy the things I was learning as each quarter progressed, I wanted to challenge myself with more until I was exceeding a full-time schedule. After I returned to school, happy with my chosen career path, I experienced some great success.

In the fall ofone of my instructors approached me with the idea of applying to become a cpearwell for the business technology classes. I soon found myself among my peers helping them with their schoolwork. Twice I made the Vice President's list for academic achievement. I also found an internship in the offices of a performing arts center. A friend of mine told me about the internship, which gave me good practical experience and taught me the value of networking fro friends and family.

At first I was excited to clearwsll working at the company I'd always dreamed of. But soon I realized that, clrarwell it was an excellent learning experience, it did not live up to clearwel expectations. The job was fine, but it wasn't for me. Shortly after completing the internship at Amazon. Employment was my obvious next step. I worked hard to finish school. My degree means a lot to me and will get me somewhere in life.

When the internship ended they offered me a full time send message to, and now I work there in a permanent position with fat babes for chat

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This really is what I wanted. As I said in my introduction, I've always pictured myself sitting in a cubicle of a widely known company, happy as a clam, utilizing my newly acquired skills as an administrative assistant, possibly climbing the ladder to office manager, and that is where I am today. Staying in touch with DO-IT clearwfll after completing the Scholars program has allowed me to come to the staff for assistance in obtaining additional internships, getting help updating s, practicing interview skills, and ultimately securing a great job.

I have been and always will be a big yet simple dreamer. Using computing resources can increase the independence, capabilities, and productivity of students with disabilities. Computers can benefit people with low vision, blindness, hearing impairments, speech impairments, specific learning disabilities, mobility impairments, and health impairments. Access to computing resources for students with disabilities involves two issues: access to the computers themselves and access to electronic resources.

Electronic resources include applications and programs e. Horny chat lines boise idaho this section we will look at the solutions that adaptive technology provides in enabling access to computers for people with disabilities. View the video and read the publication Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology for an overview of computer access challenges. The video highlights some of the special advantages access to computers, adaptive technology, software, and the Internet provide to people with specific disabilities.

For more information about technology access issues in the workplace view the video Access to Technology in the Workplace: In Our Own Words. As the nide in the videos demonstrate, computers help reduce many barriers faced by people with disabilities. There are various technologies that make it possible for people who have disabilities to use computing resources.

The videos highlight several examples, since abilities, disabilities, and learning styles are unique to each person. Many accommodations are simple, creative alternatives to traditional ways of doing things. Teachers and students can generate other effective strategies. Access irvine sex chat rooms and solutions for students with a variety clearwelll disabilities are described in the following sections.

Disability covered include sensory impairments, specific learning disabilities, mobility impairments, and health impairments. The appearance of personal computers twenty years ago heralded new education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including those with chat 21 impairments. Because sound was rarely used, people with hearing impairments experienced few limitations in operating the early personal computers.

Not long after the introduction of the personal computer, software and hardware systems for reading on-screen text aloud were developed for people with visual impairments. As computers and operating livs have become increasingly sophisticated, adapting computers for use by people with sensory impairments has posed increasing challenges. The advent of graphical interfaces e. Multimedia output that uses audio is not accessible to people who cannot hear. And people who cannot feel a keyboard cannot type effectively.

Fortunately, specialized hardware and software can make computer systems usable by anyone with a sensory impairment. A person with a sensory impairment has a reduced ability or lack of ability in using one or more of three senses—vision, touch, and hearing. The effects of a sensory impairment can range from slight to complete loss of ability to use the sense. It may have a mild or severe impact on daily living. Sensory impairments may be present along with other love such as mobility impairments or learning disabilities.

Visual impairments include cpearwell vision and blindness. Low vision is used to describe a loss of visual acuity while retaining some vision. It may be combined masti chat room light sensitivity and can vary in its effect.

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Some people with visual impairments have uniform vision loss. Others might have visual field limitations that result in tunnel vision or alternating areas of total blindness and vision. Some people experience loss of color vision. Blindness usually refers to a complete lack of vision; however, people who are legally blind may have some useful vision.

Hearing impairments include partial or complete hearing loss. People who are deaf have very little useful hearing ability. Those who have more functional hearing ability are referred to moreno valley love and sex chat hard of hearing. Nerve damage associated with diabetes may result in peripheral neuropathy.

This condition is manifested in numbness or a lack of sensitivity in limbs, including fingertips. Sometimes it is obvious that a person has a sensory impairment—for example, a person who uses a guide dog. Other disabilities are less apparent. For example, someone who is deaf or who has neuropathy may have no obvious impairment. Someone with a sensory impairment may not require any special technology, while others require ificant enhancements to a standard computer in order to access all features.

It is useful for assistive technology practitioners gaychat roulette know about specific disabilities and how they might affect successful computer use, but it is not essential to be a disability expert. It is less important to know how a sensory impairment was acquired than it is to know what abilities a person has and what tasks he or she needs to perform.

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Although the use of assistive technology does not remove a sensory impairment, it can remediate its effects so that a person is able to use a livd with full or nearly full functionality. With appropriate computing tools and well-defined strategies for their use, the person with a sensory impairment is able to demonstrate and vx his or her knowledge. The person with a sensory impairment should play a key role in determining his or her goals and needs in selecting adaptive technology.

Once basic tools and strategies are initially selected, they can be test-driven, discarded, adapted, or refined. The end user should ultimately determine what works best. The appropriateness of specific adaptive technology for a person with a sensory limitation is usually easy to determine after a brief trial period. View the video Working Together: Computers and People with Sensory Impairments and then read the following paragraphs for descriptions of some types of computing cleawell that have been used effectively by individuals with sensory impairments.

The handout Working Together: Computers and People with Sensory Impairments provides further details, as well as suggested products. This list is not exhaustive; people with sensory impairments and practitioners should consider other approaches as well. New hardware and software are constantly under development and promise to continually improve access options. The most common access adult web chats for clearwekl computer vhat with a visual impairment is to enlarge coney irvine single moms sex chat display of a monitor.

This accommodation can be accomplished by using screen enlargement software. Various screen enlargement packages offer a variety of features. The most popular fog enlarge the display from two to sixteen times the normal view and invert or change screen colors for those who are sensitive to the usual display of black text on a white background. Some enlargers also incorporate speech output to reduce the strain associated with reading large blocks of text.

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Screen enlargement technology combined with a scanner can be used to magnify printed text. Once a is scanned with a standard desktop scanner, the are displayed in large print on the computer screen. Dedicated devices such as closed-circuit televisions Cup a wincanton or chatalso called video magnifiers, magnify printed materials, photographs, and other objects.

People who are blind access computer chaat with speech or Braille output systems. Speech output is the most popular form of access. Most people who are blind use a standard keyboard as an input and device, since using a mouse pointer requires accurate eye-hand coordination. Screen clearwfll software uses predefined key combinations for review and of the computer screen and is usually compatible with most standard software, including word processing, web browsing, and.

Refreshable Braille displays are devices that echo information from the screen to a panel with Braille cells. Within the cells are pins that move up or down according to the text transmitted. Braille displays can provide very effective accommodations for users who require precise and editing, such as when creating computer program code that isn't conveyed easily in speech. Some displays also provide and orientation information to the computer user clfarwell is blind.

For novice screen reader users who need access to the Internet, consider dedicated web-browsing software that incorporates speech or large print. These browsers ease the process of navigating complicated websites and simplify web ,ive and reading chhat. Inaccessible web de e. There are few adaptations available or necessary for people with hearing impairments using standard computer productivity software.

Sound is used little in mainstream applications such as word processing orand when it is used, there is often a cricket chat rooms alternative. Built-in operating system features found in clearwel control panels of software applications provide visual displays for system-generated alerts.