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By Faruk Sarkinfada. Sujud's treatment is purely based on the verses of the Holy Quran, with which petroleum jelly, honey and water are treated and used for the medication.

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By Abubakar Jika. I have consistently argued President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has this time around, during his No registration free xxx chat Coming, performed below our expectations. Since the honourable Members of the National Assembly have ed us on the streets, it is now Official feelings that the gentleman from Owu has led most of us down. Kashim Imam and Divinity. By Babayola Muhammadu Toungo.

Or the President might have received the awaited divine command and is shy to let us poor voters into his secret but rather choose to do so through his army of hangars on. By Yusuf Maitama Tuggar. Thus far the ACF as an entity has been forwarding what would be considered constructive criticism towards the Obasanjo administration. But let us not be too hard on Alhaji Imam- perhaps roos that is not tolerated by his employer and he has no choice but to toe the official line.

According to legends, which was roms by Mallam Auwal Haruna, Chairman Board of Trustees of the Foundation, the history of their therapy began in Two good friends, based on the Islamic declaration, that there is no disease without cure organized a group of Islamic Scholars to research for an effective cure against the feared AIDS.

After about one year, rloms strenuous efforts bore fruits as they got the curative combination for AIDS. By Wada Nas. Democrats were known to have attempted to overthrow the Balewa Government so early in its life. Late Sam Ikoku, who participated very actively in the attempt, once confirmed when its mastermind, Chief Awolowo, was still around that the attempt was actually true. Thus democrats were the first set of people in Nigeria to go all out for the capture of power through the front door of unconstitutionalism by way of an attempted civilian coup.

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Tunji Bello's Article. By Musa Babayo, Ph. I am not a salesman of Babangida's government because he had the best brains ever assembled in a federal cabinet in the political history of the roons. If you do not agree with this assertion, you may wish to verify from Professor Jerry Gana, whom I believe has tremendous intellectual honesty to answer in tooms affirmative. Who knows, he may be the next minister of information in IBB's next coming.

By Sam Abbd Israel. Dear Nigerian Writers, the hope of Nigeria nations depends on your ability to be impartial, to be truthful, to be courageous, and to be honest at all times regardless of circumstances. Not when money speaks, or when position beckons, or when fame visits. If writers cannot heal themselves of the human vices that bedevilled all mortal gbemi, what moral right have they got to sermonise to the hapless world on sentimental idealisms.

Obasanjo and A look at all the indices of performance shows a clear, sad failure. What gheji my unimpeachable proves that Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has failed as president? One security of lives and property. This is the primary responsibility of any government. How safe is your life now compared to before Obasanjo? We all have the answers. Armed robbery and riots are in comparative terms more now than say Abacha days. By Odindu Odunze Ph. Immediately after the Idi-Araba killings, a Yoruba leader proudly told the world that OPC has membership of over four million vigilantes, making it impossible to roms who did what in that ugly episode.

My point is that no true nationalist keeps a private ethnic army of that magnitude and at the same time condemns actions of others, which undermine national interest. We do not in anyway feel less good chat rooms who we are. We have no reason to believe otherwise having been born in Biafra and been victims of genocide, hunger and blockade, war, quota and a continuing incessant slaughter as though we are nomadic cows and the destruction of our hard earned investments in that failed Hot adult singles sex chats lexington called Nigeria.

Arise o Progressives! The future is rrooms bleak for Nigeria's development if up to this point in time, Nigerians because of the ethnic or religious goggles that we wear, we cannot differentiate between politicians who are coming to capture power to satisfy their personal lusts gbeeji those who are out to improve the welfare of the masses. Dear Late Gen Sani Abacha. By Babs Omotowa. Over the past year, one of your former Ministers, Alhaji Wada Nas has written you several letters on the chat room girl of our nation.

When you were alive, several of the people around you e. Al-Mustapha, etc did rooma allow the common man access to you. In order not to continue the trend, we will try to get the common man's view across to you. An attack on Yoruba legends is not only a direct attack on the entire Yoruba people but also a denial of the main issue in Nigerian Politics spanning hbeji six decades.

Couples dating on 46845 japanese girls chat Obi Chukwuemeka Uzoh. There is an Igbo saying quote" When is crying, and pointing his-her fingers, if his-her mother roojs not there, his-her father is there" unquote. Dr Ekwueme has been in Nigerian national politics for a while. His record as the former vice president during cuat Shagari administration showed him as a unifying factor not an ethnic chauvinist.

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Uwazurike, Ojukwu and the Biafran House. By Tochukwu Ezukanma. The past 30 years must have shown the Igbo that political passivity is futile. It only erodes your political relevance, leaving you in a lurch, where "your friends take you for granted and your enemies despise you. It is a shame that most of us even after several years abroad have failed to realise that all that glitter in the western world are not gold. Since we have failed to look beyond the superficial glitters of the institutions of our host countries we have not been able to see the debilitating relationships between our host country and Nigeria.

A gathering of British puppets. Somewhere in Australia, the annual meeting of the Commonwealth of former British colonies is holding. This charade; an undemocratic contraption to glorify the British monarchy, hastily put together on the eve of Indian independence, to keep emerging independent colonies in tow, has stumbled and fumbled ceaselessly over the years. Gana performed very well and another brutal military dictator General Sani Abacha later java sex chat rooms him.

It is our right to critique and lambaste those who lead us but misguided freedom is the germ for decadence.

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It seems to me that the general psychic of our communal mind married women thropton chat the immunity by years of military brutality that we have come to hate our freedom. How in chatango chat rooms rp world could Wada Nas expect anyone to take him seriously when he says that Obasanjo allowed nepotism to creep into the art of governance?

Nepotism was introduced and perfected by Wada Nas and his people. Even though they have never given a damn about what ropms rest of the country might think about it, it was even easier for the northern Muslim establishment to institutionalize nepotism. What we desire in our country today is not bitterness, rancour and hard-line positions but understanding, friendship, reconciliation and forgiveness.

These virtues should be our goal. Painfully, there is more bitterness than friendship, rancour than peace, hard-line than reconciliation, vengeance than forgiveness. By Toyin Kinoshi. When Fela's house was razed inthe then OBJ military government claimed that fhat unknown soldiers" did it. Odi was razed by "unknown soldiers," so they claimed, but from "known" barracks. All the other reprisal attacks and the recent jail break by the boys in Khaki were committed by "unknown soldiers" from "known" barracks.

Like Blacks in the Diasporas, in lieu of producing and be independent, they choose to depend on external sources.

Chat rooms gbeji

They know how to cry and complain. But when meet in chat adult comes to tackling the problems from the root, it becomes another hide and seek game. Who Betrayed Africa? By Tunji Olalekan. There are people who blame our problems on colonization by another race. They are right up to a point, but I remain wary that such psyche may even have been programmed to the advantage of the imperialists. However, it is in our interest to look around us for an explanation of the increasing chaos and demoralization that we suffer from.

By Ugo Harris. Some how, Faseun, perhaps disturbed by his conscience, felt the need to other Nigerians in calling for the release of the seven political detainees, one of whom, whose case has never even been mentioned in any court since his detention about two years ago. But how sincere is this call? I am asking this question because he is on record as attributing the assassination of Bola Ige to Northerners and we all know that this is how some people have been planting hatred in the minds of Yorubas, which eventually led to the massacre of Gambaris in Ibadan, Shagamu and Lagos.

Friday Discourse : Scholarship: N70, By Dr. Aliyu Tilde. All students of northern states, except those from the former Benue and Kwara States, enjoyed full sponsorship of their education up to the mids. By full we mean they were given adequate funds by their state governments to meet all the necessities of higher learning, including tuition fees, feeding, books, transport and project allowances.

Those sponsored to undertake studies overseas enjoyed additional allowances commensurate with the condition of living in their host countries. For Nigeria, is Not Terribly Important. Nigeria is in deep crisis today, and however much we avoid the question the situation calls for nothing short of a revolutionary solution.

I mean simply a revolution of thought, of ideas. We would have toed the line of not ing in reopening this old wound if not that the Guardian Newspapers which is no doubt regarded as a credible group of Newspapers in Nigeria allowed its Editor to misinform and carry out this obvious, hate mongering directed against the Igbo in an effort to increase ethnic tension in the counry. Rectificatory Justice, in Accordance with Arithmetical Regression.

By Sammani D. I have to admit that this stuff is purely philosophical. The aim of which is to relates it and make an elaboration on a philosophical statement attributed to Shehu Usman Ibn Fodio May Allah have mercy on him. This will be discuss in a latter part. The stuff can also be used for academic purposes. B y Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. No argument that discountenances God as the foundation of knowledge and of ethics can remain mallu chat the ambit of Islamic discourse.

Modernism in Islam is therefore neither humanism nor secularism. The irony in Islamist discourse is that it is the classical tradition or, more correctly, the neo-fundamentalist tradition in the form it came to take as advocacy for the fixity and eternal validity of the totality of Islamic Law, which is comparable in a sense to European humanism.

Demonizing the Yoruba Politics. By Temilade Akerejola. Try to imagine the destiny of millions of people in the hands of the treacherous gang perambulating the political landscape of the Yoruba nation. Still trying? I mean those fellows that possess information without knowledge, opinions without principles, instincts without beliefs. By Adek Falowo.

What I am sure of anyway is that there can never be a meaningful decision coming from any Sovereign National Conference if Nigeria remain as it is today, how would you choose the participants without considering the of States or LGAs? Why Newspapers Fail in Northern Nigeria. By Danladi Adamu. The media is the arena of participation in the society and any segment of the society which is left behind in that competition will eventually be marginalized.

In the Nigerian context we have seen how the vocal southwestern media was used in ensuring political power shift from the North to the Yoruba enclave of southwest. The Option for Obasanjo. Wada Nas. The president can, however, salvage his image and become popular among Nigerians once more. The way to do this is to publicly announce to the nation adult free sex chat renton he would not run for a second term.

This will push his popularity rating very high and he would remain forever the Mandela of Nigeria or the second Mandela of Africa and the world. He will live with honour and die with it. His popularity would be greater worldwide. He would become the real Obasanjo we knew way back in the 70s, the great Nigerian statesman who freely handed over power to a democratically-elected government.

The Bashing President. In the present day Nigeria, no tribe or ethnic group trust each other, it arabic chat room a common sense issue that no relationship can succeed without trust. Hence for anyone to say that the unity of any country is not negotiable is the most erroneous and disingenuous statement any sane mind can make. By Okenwa Sexy amateurs who want to chat. Nwosu, M.

This horrific of Bakassi-style justice meted to one of the shady characters of my hometown still sends chills down my spine anytime the imagery flashes through my consciousness. The Youth and the Future of Nigeria Part 1. About two months ago, some people in Port Harcourt dressed themselves as Muslims and Northerners and attempted to set a Church on fire. The ultimate purpose was to blame Muslims and possibly deal with them in that area. Luck, however run against them when they were apprehended by the police and later discovered that they were not even Northerners let alone Muslims.

But had they succeeded, everybody would have believed that the Church was indeed set ablaze by Muslims. Allah is always with the righteous. What Do the Fulanis Want? In our forty years of independence, out of the eleven men that have ruled us, four of them are Fulanis: Ahmadu Bello de factoMurtala Mohammed, Shehu Shagari and Mohammadu Buhari.

Four from a single ethno-racial group, a minority one at that, in a country with more than different ethno-national groups! Yet they are said to feel marginalized. Farouk for President [4]. Fellow Nigerians do not listen to people like Adisa, that the military cannot go on strike. From our experience, the military does not go on strike it mutinies, with guns in their hands; and when they are not overcome, it becomes a successful coup.

E: Way Forward. The first is the licensing of six private Universities, none in the north and none in the riverine areas. By Chika Onyeani. But that's where the glamorous comparison between other diplomats and their Nigerian counter-parts ends, as well as the workers working in the Missions, the Consulates, and the Embassies. The fact is that Nigerian diplomats in the United States and their workers have not been paid for months.

Dauda, M. I have given hope to Nigeria. Sunday Awoniyi, the Arewa Tragic Phenomenon. IT is very difficult to rationalise the press utterances credited to Sunday Awoniyi in the aftermath of the latest bout of Hausa genocidal violence in Idi Araba, Lagos. Chief Awoniyi, a Yoruba from Kogi State, is a retired federal permanent secretary who has made a reputation for his outspokenness in the Fulani contraption called the Arewa Consultative Forum. Friday Discourse: Obasanjo and the Law. Talking about Obasanjo, he derailed from the line of Murtala when he succeeded him in People talk about the glory of his first tenure but I can only find many unanswered questions.

For example, I have always wondered the source of his wealth, together with that of Danjuma and Yar'adua. I doubt if they were free sexting chat than Mobolaji Johnson or J. Democracy is a Spiritual Imperative. But those who call for military take-over are dead wrong. The President, we were told, must not be blamed for these unfortunate incidents. Who is Obasanjo? By Modibbo R Hammantukur. Obasanjo's critic and opposition, Chief Sunday Awoniyi, says what we see now is the real Obasanjo.

According to him, Obasanjo means anarchy. In recent years, Wada Nas called Obasanjo more than 99 bad names. Worst still, Prof. Aluko said in an economics class where he is the professor and Obasanjo and Abacha are the students, Abacha is the brighter student. Compositional Response to N. Ibanga's Question II. From the piece, it will be understood whether Jesus is the son of God, or the Prophet of God.

Also it will be made clear the meaning of infallibility of the Prophets and the scholastic study of some verses of Qur'an, which, distantly, indicate misdeed of some of the Prophets. B y Mobolaji E. Obasanjo: I have not looked for presidency for life, but those who quote Mandela must look at the different situations. Obasanjo situation and Mandela situation: are they free no sign up sex chat same?

I have been head of state before going to prison and I am now again head of state after going to prison. So our situations are different. Still on the Electoral Act Forgery. By Paul Mamza. Having noticed the level of frustrations of the citizenry against the current civilian government, the Cable News Network CNN in a twist reaction concluded that Nigerians are better-of during the military regimes. Jerry Gana and his sexting fun and more in the Ministry of Integration in Africa reacted swiftly to the report by condemning it.

In the backdrop of a statement sometimes used passionately and sometimes thrown around flippantly, i.

Chat rooms gbeji

Gross Insensitivity. Here we are with chat room uk over 40 government preaching employment opportunities but engaging in such acts that are capable of limiting employment horizon. Here is a government vowing cht light violence but adopting policies that would make it a means of earning a living, and here is a government promising to eradicate poverty but engaging in policies that would increase same by widening the unemployment scope, which would undoubtedly increase the poverty of the very poor.

What a contradiction! Those Yorubas Again. The man who called the northerners the Tutsis of Nigeria another callous statement from a Yoruba man but then the man was shot and killed bbw chat room his own kinsmen my apologies to the police for jumping the gun and what do roims Yoruba leaders say?

Obviously their blood is so sacred that only someone from another tribe jealously could have killed him. When is soft Israeli arrogance towards gbei Arabs paternalistic? The police apparatchiks of the civilian regime in Nigeria are now truly acting like the military regime of Abacha, intimidating those whose names or faces they do not like for some xhat or the other. Their latest victim is Festus Keyamo, whose arrest yesterday is now really turning the Ige murder investigation into an unbelievably macabre circus.

Forwarded by Mobolaji Fooms. Because at the State level every state that feel that they have enough Muslims in the population, they have Sharia law. Farouk for President [3]. My people, I would enact a law that allows retaliatory killings of citizens and visitors.

That is, if the Habe of Kano kills an Eboe man. The Eboes of Aba would chat flirt chat video justified to kill an equivalent of Habes or anybody that looks like them, in Aba. Ditto, if the Yarribas rpoms Idi Dooms kills any Habe in Lagos, the Habes would be entitled to an equivalent of Yarriba he anywhere in the north. Gbeeji and children would not be included. Men would be substituted in their places.

What do the Yorubas Want. This is the second time in less than a year, that Yorubas in Lagos, led by the OPC militia, and inspired by Afenifere irredentism, massacred northerners in genocidal proportion in Lagos alone. It is becoming increasingly obvious to most northerners, that perhaps their blood is so cheap that it can be spilt rloms carelessness. Dear General Abacha. True to form, NEPA has been supplying bright light for twenty four hours interrupted daily keeping a lot of some places in the dark for several days and in some others for six or more hours without failure.

Gooms, to show the level of its performance since January this year, no day ever passed without the Authority ensuring to take off light rioms at least six or more hours. Friday Discourse : Misconceptions about Fula Advocacy. Presently, the Hausa-Fulani are considered as one political group in the country. Some people, including my friend in Kano, detest this. They feel that the two tribes must be regarded as separate to maximize political gains.

I disagree. It is impossible to separate the Hausa from the Fulani, rpoms vice versa. The entire political interest of the two became merged since the conquest of Alkalawa years ago. Electrifying Kano II. No area can industrialize or engage in any viable commerce without electricity supply. Chat mistress is one area of growing consensus, as exemplified by the Media Tour Awards, which Kwankwaso has done well on.

The Ambassadorial of Football. By Stephen Eze. The Nigerian civil war started in the north. That was the location where gay chat online freeIgbo Nationals suffered the worst massacre of that time. Not long after that, the real ethnic cleansing or purification started. That ethnic motivated killing lasted for about 30 months.

I am sure that you would both have been dismayed and embarrassed by the abysmal display by the Super Eagles at the recently concluded African Cup of Nations in Mali. Save for gbsji few players who we all know and need not mention, there was a lack of passion, commitment and zeal by the team in all their matches. The fact remains that every single Nigerian is a tribalist, accept it or not we all owe times more allegiance to our ethnic groups than to the nation. We see everything and everybody first as Yoruba or these days "Christian Yorubas" or "Biafran Ibos" or "Hausa-Fulanis", it reflects in everything we say or do.

Why do we want to continue to let you deceive yourselves that Nigeria could be kept as one. Bravo, Professor Minister! Do we still call this a democracy or dating latin chat gallatin, a country of law and not of men with fragile egos? You can kill the messenger, but not the message.

And those people carrying their brief cases in their he and holding their electric fans as they fled from Idi-Araba, bringing back the haunting images of the Tutsi and Hutus as they fled from the troubled Teen online chats. How could CNN have looked away and not show for all to see those half naked good Samaritans foraging for bloated bodies of mainly women and children in the murky waters of the macabre Oke Afa drainage canal?

Yoruba Xenophobia and January By Mohammed Haruna. On the whole, we have not moved reasonably away from the past. In fact in some areas such as poverty, insecurity, the economy, we are worse off. The truth remains that Nigerians were better off yesterday than they are today in several aspects of their national life. We could only talk of freedom of speech, but it is the constitution that has guaranteed it and not the acts of administration.

Potential Presidential Candidates from Northern Nigeria. Buhari has more exemplary qualities than any of the politicians in this paper. He was a highly disciplined and determined military ruler. He was also relatively honest. While he was ruling the country many people thought Nigeria was back on track. PTF the organization he led after leaving office was perhaps the most successful government agency in Nigeria's history.

This was largely because of his honesty and discipline. He also had no intellectual pretensions unlike Obasanjo who performed well as dictator but has so far failed as a democrat because of "Mr.

Would you admit to your friend you slept with his wife?

Know all" mentality. There is no Happy "Deputy", Except Atiku. By Bala Muhammad. If they do, perhaps the deputies would be just like Atiku to his boss: ultra loyal and obedient. By Ali A. Who knows for certain? September 11,has had other consequences for Africa. Africa has fewer secrets from the Americans than ever, if Africa ever had any. A Coup in Progress? By Oluwaseun Agboke. Prayers and the Laws of Creation. One of the five pillars of Islam is five prayers said at specific times during the waking hours.

The hours of the prayers stipulated in the Koran are so arranged that a human being who really prays aright will be in a state of humility and inner purity throughout his or her waking period. He or she would be incapable of thinking evil, much less deliberately harming others. Kik sexting melbourne is the most frequently used cattle product, however, many families cannot get enough milk for daily nourishment.

Although traditional dairying in Nigeria starts centuries ago, industrial dairying is recent. Wells, reported to the Home Office in London that Her Majesty's Empire in Nigeria had developed much interest in dairying and was supplying cheese and butter to Allied Forces in Morocco. Are you with me or with them? Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in Viet nam chat with whom he was in touch by phone and als began playing a very cunning game of isolating Nzeogwu, while appearing to cooperate by assisting in sending out some als and making troops available for odds and ends.

The Ambassadorial Role of Football. Free chat line numbers in corona Rev. The ambassadorial effect of football was negated when we heard of the violence unleashed on defenceless Nigerians in Mali because of the result of the Nigeria - Mali qualifier. I daresay that our authorities ought to have investigated this report. If it was true I opine that the Super Eagles ought to have been flown back and all our nationals should have been recalled.

Very Sad Developments. Talking about national security, one really wonders the motive of the military high command, including the Commander-In-Chief, for releasing a clearly false information that Muslims have concluded plans to attach military and police formations as well Christian dominated states. Was it a deliberate plan to cause division within the military and between Muslims and Christian?

If so for what purpose? Bulama in Bank of the North. It seems to me that Shettima Bulama believes in management by objective which Peter Drucker and others founded. When people have conflicts, and have no horny live chat 47960 judicial avenues to turn to, they vent their spleens through violence. When police s are not sufficient, cjat are they properly equipped to prevent, cbat or prosecute crime, it is indiscriminate violence that we get.

El-Rufa'i and His Generation. It is a platitude that in a democracy roosm is entitled to hold his opinion but that does not mean taking other people for a ride. The BPE Director General even has the effrontery of denying the existence of the common man; because he cha not one. Like other state in the North, the august visitor would ache at the sight of school age children aimlessly roaming the streets in search of nothing in particular as they grow in to manhood to the widely chat avenue mob jobless market poised to create problems for our great country in future.

Nigeria in the eyes of some might not be a viable or tenable unity, but for now we are one, please let us try to act as one, let us for the time that we are together, learn to embrace our sameness, love of life I used to thinklove of food and good company; love of football and winning, love of children and love of peace I think everyone desires this and let us stop harping on our differences. By Max Gbanite. Braide, Ph. Obasanjo and "Tazarce". These are what give ammunition to those in the north that is vehement that this is a southwest power elite regime.

Forwarded By Nowamagbe Omoigui. It was prepared by Police Special Branch Interrogators based on interviews with soldiers, other ranks and some officers who had been arrested after the January 15, mutiny This draft was released to a highly restricted circulation of certain persons in government and outside the country in very early August - and then leaked The remainder of the report which allegedly implicated certain other persons has apparently never been released widely to this day.

Obasanjo Expose Self and Gbeju. By W ada Nas. Now, Obasanjo has exposed the racket: that it was he, apparently using our distinguished Pervert chat, who removed Vhat Okadigbo as Senate President. Truth, they say, is a living phenomenon, which can be suppressed but cannot be killed. All alone, our elected representatives were telling us untruth that they were never collaborators in the removal of Okadigbo, while in truth they knew the fact of the matter.

Really, President Olusegun Obasanjo should not lead Nigeria gbemi this technology age. He is, in the opinion of this writer, the president the nation should not have had. He could be a good military General, but he does not have a good manner of approach and the skill to lead a civil society. And he lacks the appropriate national objectives and strategies to solve the problems facing the academic sector and the nation at large.

Obasanjo and Cohorts as Threat to Democracy. The disappointment is reflected in the failure of the chah at various levels to roomx on electoral promises. Worse still every elected and nominated political office holder now is more concerned in retaining the office than serving peoples' interest. Leadership and Poverty in Nigeria. During the pre-colonial period the Sokoto Caliphate was the gbejo prosperous state in tropical Africa.

This was because the jihad leaders established an economy that was appropriate to the polity Illife Even in Kano the most prosperous province of the Caliphate the merchants integrated commerce and manufacturing. Okoye, Ph. H e was hardly the most commanding personality that one ever encountered. Squat, ill-spoken and rather unbecharminghe inspired neither fear nor deep affection as a person.

For much of his time in office he was out of sight, cgat imperviously at the innermost recesses of Aso Rock, what to message a girl of the Nigerian government in Abuja. Yet, with seeming ease, General Sani Abacha almost completely dominated a nation of million people during his reign.

Farouk for President [2]. Lets face it, this government cannot provide security. Junior police officers are threatening to go on strike and the Inspector General departs on leave. Nigeria Labor Congress: My Heartaches. By Sadiq Isah Radda. The government we have at our disposal is anything but honorable. It is a government that refuses to honor an gebji it freely enters into with Unions. Also, the administration lacks moral wits to allow an impartial arbiter adjudicate an issue it swore to see through.

What went on here in A. All the royal fathers, Emirs, Chiefs, Obas and Attahs who hold positions of fathers to all their subjects should please call the zealots to order.

Chat rooms gbeji

The North cannot be chat with horny grannies only during elections and wars when everyone is expected to hands to fight the "enemy". Aisha Mamman. Another dimension to this is the fact that there are no real lessons taken during the holidays but the assumed classes are a means of making extra money for the teachers while using the students as hostages. Realistically speaking, summer schools provide an alternative means of childcare for parents who do not have child minders.

Chat rooms gbeji

They are therefore a welcome relief for such parents. It is the Time of Tribulation and Tragedies. By Stephen Lampe. Rooma should expect that natural disasters will continue to increase for many more years. However, natural disasters need not take heavy human toll. Every country and, indeed, every city ought to have carefully thought out plans of action to be executed before and shortly after a disaster, natural or man-made.

Out of legislators attending parliament Sunday, voted against Prime Minister Ali Khalif Galaydh and his member government, while 29 voted in favor, according to parliamentary speaker Girl chatting site Derow Issak. Three Apache helicopters have been flying overhead, shooting bullets, witnesses said. But the appearance of a specialized, clearly recognizable lemur like Bugtilemur at such an early date raises the possibility of an Asian origin.

I anson texas chat teen sex people from two families were killed when the bomb hit the village of Ghani Kheil on Saturday afternoon, according to Red Cross sources, and up to 20 were injured. We'll be dealing with this gunthorpe date chat lines more difficult and depressing question in upcoming MER articles and commentary as well.

The BBC's Rahimullah Yusufzai says the arrest marks a major setback in US-backed efforts to replace the Taleban regime with a broad-based and multi-ethnic government. Between the bombing and the sanctions, over 1 million Iraqis have died and continue to die by the thousands every month. Sir Vidia, gay room most eloquent and gifted writer, has been a fountain of joy for those who believe that the 'end of history' has sanctified capitalism and the Mid-Atlantic way of life.

At one stage, just a few days after the catastrophe, the city's official for the dead and missing stood at 6, My only meeting with Naipaul was 42 years ago, around the time of Jamaica's independence, when he was writing The Middle Passage. Olusegun Obasanjo, may well be a cog in the wheel of the Igbo project. Chatt actually means 48 to 62 hours which, according to reports in the Cha press yesterday, is when the Israeli army will leave most -- but not all -- of the Palestinian Chxt it has re-conquered in the last week.

Three Palestinians shot dead in West Bank Israeli forces shot dead three Palestinian men in the northern West Bank town of Tulkarem overnight, Just free chat room for adults hospital sources said. We think romos the Afghan people should not be the victims of these attacks," the foreign minister said. Lab roims confirmed the diagnosis yesterday, he said. COM - Israeli occupation forces raided the village of Beit Reema northwest of Ramallah early this morning and massacred a of its residents 10 people so far according to Israeli English media, 5 according to their Arabic service!

The north is telling Obasanjo Cyat release Major Mustapha and others. The groups vowed to keep up attacks to drive Israeli troops out of Palestinian territories. Available Now. Start a chat. About me. The Arabs were among the first scientists at the start of the second millennium, while the Crusaders - another of bin Laden's fixations - were riding in technological ignorance into the Muslim world. So while in the past few decades, our popular conception of the Arabs vaguely embraced an oil-rich, venal and largely backward people, awaiting our annual cnat and their virgins in heaven, many of them were asking pertinent questions about their past and future, about religion and science, about - so I suspect - how God and technology might sext me losing my mind part of the same universe.

No such long-term thought or historical questions for us. We just went on supporting our Muslim dictators around the gbejii - especially in the Middle East - in return for their friendship and our vain promises to rectify historical injustice. We allowed our dictators to snuff out their socialist and communist parties; we left their population little place to exercise their political opposition except through religion.

And we made more promises. Presidents Carter and Reagan, I recall, made promises to the Afghan mujahedin. Fight the Russians and we will help you. There would then be assistance in Afghanistan's economic recovery. A re-building of the country, even this from the innocent Mr Carter "democracy" - not a concept to be sure that we would now be promising to the Pakistanis, Palestinians, Uzbeks or Saudis. Of course, once the Russians were gone inthere was no economic assistance.

But last year, there was President Clinton, loud once more in America's promises of economic help for Pakistan, asking for a rejection of bin Laden; yet his only sense of perspective was to roojs the Pakistani people that their history was - wait for it - "as long as the river Indus". The problem, I fear, is that without any sense of history, we do not understand injustice.

We only compound that injustice, after years of indolence, when we want to bribe our would-be allies with promises of immense historical importance - a resolution to Palestine, Kashmir, an arms-free Middle East, Arab independence, an economic Nirvana - because we are at war - tell them what they want to hear, promise them what they want - anything, so long as we can get our armadas into the air in our latest "war against evil".

So there was General Powell yesterday promising to deal with Kashmir while General Musharraf pleaded for a short vbeji and while the jets went sweeping chag towards Afghanistan from the Peshawar airbase. Try gbeju and the bubonic plague. Smallpox, for example, is contagious and there is no effective treatment available.

Even as we speak, some federal officials have reason to believe that Iraq is developing it as a biological weapon. Spiegel accused Grass of "directly or indirectly questioning Israel's right to exist". Grass said during a recent interview with the weekly Spiegel magazine, "Israel must withdraw from occupied territories. The Zionist regime has faced my space chat rooms condemnation for its murderous policies in the occupied territories.

According to local sources, Israeli tanks fired several shells at downtown Beit Jala and strafed civilian neighborhoods with machinegun fire, killing Ranya Kharoufa, Kharoufa, neighbors testified, was trying to buy milk for her family when an Israeli sniper's bullet hit her in the head, killing her instantly. Another local Christian, identified as Mousa George Edey, was killed yesterday in similar circumstances.

Palestinian sources said 9 civilians were killed and many others were maimed in chxt Bethlehem district in the past 24 hours alone. The of Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers hcat Thursday is 23 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians. In addition, more than 50, mostly civilians, were wounded by Israeli bullets. Meanwhile, the Israeli army bombarded the Azza refugee camp Saturday evening, killing a 15 year-old boy, identified as Yousef Ahmed Ibayat. A medical doctor from the nearby Beit Jala hospital was also injured while trying to save the life of Ibayat.

Eyewitnesses said Israeli soldiers were pinpointing their guns at doors and windows in order to inflict maximum casualties. On Saturday, the Israeli army effectively reoccupied most of the Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank, reversing the Oslo process, a longtime goal of Ariel Sharon. War flares up in Southern Caucasus Kavkaz Center - According to Tbilisi time at on Thursday in air space of Georgia again intruded four planes without recognition symbols, as informed gbejii press center of the Georgian Defence Ministry.

Exactly in 30 minutes above Kodori Gorge appeared 6 more planes, which later on departed towards Russian border. Tbilisi not without justification confirms that these were Russian planes, which already bombed gorge.

Chat rooms gbeji

It is necessary to remind, that Chechen side actually has confirmed belonging of planes, having specified on the operative data that bombers took off from Mozdok. Three hours later he was pronounced dead. In one sense, the PFLP's statement is true. When Israeli helicopters struck Mustafa in his office in Ramallah on 27 August, by far the most prominent assassination of the 59 Israel has executed during the Intifada, PFLP leaders openly declared that Israeli political leaders were now legitimate targets for retaliation.

MORE Palestinian slain in fresh violence Israeli tanks and troops moved metres yards into the West Bank city of Qualqilya under cover of machine-gun fire well before dawn, killing a Palestinian in front of his house as helicopters hovered overhead, Palestinian witnesses said. Palestinian gunmen opened fire on Israeli troops and armoured vehicles as they crossed several hundred metres yards into the West Bank city of Tulkarm in another early raid, Palestinian witnesses said. The Israeli army did not immediately comment on the reports it had made another incursion Palestinian-ruled territory in the wake of Wednesday's assassination of ultranationalist Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi by Palestinian militants.

Stoking fears that the year-old conflict is spinning out of control, Israeli tanks had rumbled into Palestinian-ruled Bethlehem and six Palestinians were killed in fighting sext bot the West Bank on Friday.

Chat rooms gbeji

The toll since Zeevi's death is chat it up Palestinians and one Israeli killed, and dozens wounded. Two soldiers died when a U. There was no word on possible casualties in the raid. In kandahar, the attacks have killed 42 civilians since early yesterday, AIP quoted education minister Amir Khan Muttaqi as saying.

While the attacks were less intense today, at least five people were killed early in the morning, AIP quoted Taliban spokesman Abdul Haye Mutmaen as saying. Israeli tanks seize swath of Arafat's land Gbejii Goldenberg in Free sex phone chat nyamazani The Guardian Region on the brink as cabinet hawks urge Sharon to conquer all of Char Authority in reprisal for killing of minister Israeli tanks loomed over Bethlehem's Manger Square yesterday, underlining the predicament of the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, after launching the widest italy online xxx chat on Palestinian-ruled lands since the start of the intifada.

Does he stop now, or does he embark on a war to the finish against Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority? The tanks encircling Bethlehem and the army snipers installed in hotels in the centre of bbeji and on the edges of a refugee camp yesterday morning put the Israeli army in commanding positions of four Palestinian cities in the West Bank. After seizing large areas gbeju Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus and Jenin, gbejl Israeli army was waiting for an order to move in and conquer all of the Palestinian Authority.

In the emotionally charged atmosphere following the assassination on Wednesday of the far-right cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi, that is precisely what rightwing figures were urging Mr Sharon to do. After Mr Arafat's officials on Thursday rejected Israel's ultimatum to hand over Zeevi's killers - who were from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - Zeevi's fellow cabinet ministers on gbbeji far-right and the upper echelons of the Israeli army are beating the drums of war.

Yesterday, Israeli newspapers outlined war scenarios that would begin with the army invasions that have isolated West Bank cities, and would end with military strikes on electricity and telephone stations, as well as cat measures that would lead to the eventual collapse of Mr Arafat's administration.

Want sexual dating chat rooms gbeji

Russian Iranologists are mostly university professors with high-level degrees who have compiled different essays about the Persian language and culture as well as translated Iranian well-known authors' works into Russian. Shafe'i lauded the Russian Iranologists' efforts in introducing Persian culture and language and said that such cultural interactions are the best methods of upgrading dialogue gbejji the civilizations.

Administration that it is willing to offer humanitarian help to American forces in Afghanistan. The spokesman for anonymous online sexting Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced however that no such proposal has been made by Iran to the American Administration. He elaborated that Iran, in accordance with international regulations, has only declared its willingness to help those pilots that may encounter difficulties during their flight missions over Afghanistan roomd if and when they have to make emergency landings in Iranian territory.

Observers believe that according to international laws, the help can be given to Taleban as a warring side as well.


A of gebji at the newspaper, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, were tested and one of them came back positive for cutaneous anthrax, a less dangerous form of the disease than inhaled anthrax, during a second round of tests. With Muslims streaming into mosques for the day of weekly prayers, clerics in this Gulf nation and across gbeii Middle East denounced hooked chat stories online U.

A few hours chhat, the fit year-old was sent home with what doctors said was a bad cold. When medics wearing biohazard suits showed up to take him to the hospital the next day, his family suspected something much worse. A few days later, they were taken under police guard to watch Karsayev's coffin -- filled with chlorinated lime and sealed in plastic -- being lowered into one of dozens of fresh graves at the edge of a cemetery.

Four Palestinians, including a woman and a policeman, were reported killed and least 16 injured in exchanges of fire in the West Bank, while the Israeli army said a soldier was seriously wounded by a sniper. Administration has recently said that there is no valuable target in Afghanistan, Washington's ongoing deployment of more and more forces in the region, has given rise to the question as to what America is trying to achieve through this huge military mobilization?

The daily in its opinion column recalled that even U. Secretary of State Colin Powell at a recent press conference in Pakistan said that "there is no definite timetable for the overthrow of the Taliban," noting that even British Prime Minster Tony Blair and U. President George W. Bush have also stated that their "war on Afghanistan may last long, and that even their air raids on that country may take months!

Their real intention is "to exert influence over the Central Asian countries and getting access to the regional oil and gas reserves," continued the paper.

Fbi - 2 of 3 - nnn

In fact, s indicate that the U. In gbejji words, the daily said, "some evidence indicates that the two countries are going to partition Afghanistan and establish three governments in north, center and southern parts of that war-ravaged country. If this plot is carried out, then it is sure that Washington and London will make the most of the arabic sex chat conflict existing among different tribes in Afghanistan, warned the article.

Moreover, "considering the vhat background of Zahir and his strong leanings towards the West, it is quite clear that the government in the central part of Afghanistan will turn into a regional base for the US," it added.

Even while the US and Britain are planning to dominate Central Asia and control its natural resources, the Zionist entity has also d its "liquidation policy" or assassination of Palestinian activists and leaders of the Intifada, in order to crush the resistance of Palestinians and pave the way for the realization of its dream of a greater Israel extending from Nile to Euphrates, denounced the paper.

Under such sensitive circumstances, it urged those Islamic countries, that have not yet condemned the U. S-led air strikes on innocent lives in Afghanistan, "to respond to the demands of their nations and other Islamic states that have suggested that any anti-terrorism campaign should be launched under the umbrella of the U. One of the men, Wadih el-Hage, a naturalised US citizen born in Lebanon who was convicted of conspiracy, gave a minute address to the judge, protesting his innocence and claiming to be a devout Muslim opposed to violence.

All three major TV networks in New York City have now become sites of anthrax infection and a seventh possible case is being investigated in Florida. MORE A grubby, vengeful war When Tony Blair took Britain into the US war with Afghanistan, he assured us that it was a three pronged strategy - the military, diplomatic and humanitarian would be pursued in tandem. Each was equally important. After more than 10 days free chats in menelaka intensive bombing, Blair's pledge has been exposed as the politically expedient sham it always was.

It was third way wishful thinking of the worst kind to imagine that a military attack on such a desperately poor country as Afghanistan was compatible with humanitarian needs. It was the first reported death of an established figure from Osama bin Laden's terror network in the nearly two-week bombardment. The center said two of his comrades, a Chinese Muslim and a Yemeni, were injured. No details were given.

Palestinian houston chat line free blamed the blast on Israel. Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman Yarden Vatikay refused comment. One of the dead men was identified as militia leader Atef Abayat, who was wanted by Israel in the killing of a Jewish settler woman last month. All three were members of a band of gunmen linked to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement. Every two hours, guards roust them to conduct a head count.

They have no contact with each other or their families and limited access to their lawyers. Their names appear on no federal jail log available to the public. No records can be found in any court docket in New York showing why they are detained, who represents them or the status of their cases. The nearly she male free chat jacksonville fl secrecy surrounding the detentions is a growing concern to civil libertarians and legal observers who fear basic rights are being violated as authorities pursue the terrorist conspiracy responsible for the attacks in New York and Washington.

On what basis? What kind of judicial review is available? All of those seem to be important questions to answer," said Steven R. Shapiro, national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union launched full-scale bioweapons programs, which included the development of aerosol sprays capable of delivering bacterial and viral agents by plane or ballistic missile.

InPresident Richard Nixon issued an executive order unilaterally and unconditionally ending America's bioweapons program, and all U. That same year, nations ed a treaty lonely older women hot 90805 chat all use of biological and chemical weapons; countries eventually ratified the treaty, including the United States, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Libya and North Korea. Failed treaty Despite its noble intentions, says Block, the treaty lacks any ificant provisions for enforcement or verification.

As a result, a of atories to the treaty have maintained active bioweapons programs. Russia's dismal economic situation raises the question of how out-of-work bioweapons scientists are managing to find gainful employment now, observes Block. Block's ultimate nightmare is that terrorists somehow could get access to the smallpox viruses being kept on ice in Russia -- a fear bolstered by the testimony of a former official nba chat room the Russian biowarfare program, who claimed that smallpox-based weapons were being manufactured there as recently as no signup adult chat Iraq also has violated the bioweapons treaty by mass-producing weapons-grade anthrax and conducting research on a wide variety c2c gay chat other biological agents.

Details of the Iraqi bioweaponry program only came to light in the aftermath of the Gulf War. All told, Block estimates that about a dozen countries are believed to have active bioweapons programs. Terrorist threat Although Block is concerned about the bioweapons buildup in Iraq and other nations, he believes a greater threat comes from terrorist groups willing to risk an out-of-control epidemic and eager to suffer casualties for the good of "the cause.

The widely publicized assault, which killed 13 people and hospitalized thousands, had been preceded by a series of failed botulism and anthrax assaults near the Imperial Palace, a Tokyo airport and two U. Block also supports the development of high-tech devices capable of instantaneously detecting lethal bacteria and viruses in the environment, and he encourages the production and stockpiling of new vaccines -- a hot-button issue in Washington, D. The anthrax vaccine has stirred the most controversy.

As for smallpox, routine free ewloe adult phone chat in the United States ended inthe year the virus was officially eradicated, so few Americans still have immunity today. The Centers for Disease Control will make 40 million new doses of the vaccine available beginning inbut critics say that, in the event of a multi-city terrorist attack, hundreds of millions of doses will be needed to prevent the often-fatal disease from spreading throughout the country.

On the diplomatic front, Block argues in favor of strengthening the bioweapons treaty "giving it some 'teeth,'" he says, by requiring reciprocal international inspections to assure treaty compliance. He also makes a strong plea to his fellow biologists to break their silence and take a stand against the proliferation of biological weapons.

Others worry about provoking a widespread public backlash against biotechnology in general that might have a chilling effect on their own legitimate biological research. In a hotel in the capital Jerusalem by to assailants who escaped. The response to this by the Israeli Leader Ariel Sharon was that " this is a new era, things are never going to be the same again. Maybe now that his colleague in Cabinet has been murdered a may not be the same for him, but for the people in the region it has been the same for quite sometime now.

Cindy Williams Wednesday News Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 31 Exposed On Capitol Hill Congressional leaders ordered an unprecedented shutdown of the House on Wednesday after more than two dozen people in Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office tested positive for exposure to a highly concentrated form of anthrax. Violent blockbusters "taught them how to do it" and Hollywood must now stop showing mass destruction in movies, he said.

MORE Capitol shuts as anthrax spre The US Capitol will close down for tests after 31 Senate employees tested positive for anthrax exposure - increasing fears of new, full-blown cases of the potentially deadly disease. Most of those infected were workers in the office of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle - who received a letter containing anthrax through the post on Friday. Mr Zeevi died in hospital after being shot three times in the head and throat inside Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel.

Following the shooting of Mr Zeevi, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered online get sex tonight chat cabinet ministers to stay at home, according to Israel radio and called an emergency security meeting. MORE US buys up all satellite war images Duncan Campbell The Pentagon has spent millions of dollars to prevent western media from seeing highly accurate civilian satellite pictures of the effects of bombing in Afghanistan, it was revealed yesterday.

The images, which are taken from Ikonos, an advanced civilian satellite launched inare better than the spy satellite pictures available to the military during most of the cold war. The extraordinary detail of the images already taken by the satellite includes a line of terrorist trainees marching between training camps at Jalalabad. At the same resolution, it would be possible to see bodies lying on the ground after last week's bombing attacks. Under American law, the US defence department has legal power to exercise "shutter control" over civilian satellites launched from the US in order to prevent enemies using the images while America is at war.

But no order for shutter control was given, even after the bombing raids began 10 days ago. He pointed out that the military strikes were not an attack on Islam or a certain nation but on terrorists enjoying the protection of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban. Meanwhile, one of MUI's chairmen, Amidhan, said the council and the British government had different views on how to fight terrorism.

But we differ in views on the ways of tackling it," Amidhan said as quoted by the news agency. Indonesia does not agree with an all-out war, he said. Amidhan said the MUI had also noted the U. Therefore, the military attacks on Afghanistan in effect constitutes acts of blind aggression, he added. The latest victim of organized Jewish terror has been identified as Ahmed Ibrahim Ibayat, 35, of Bethlehem. A Palestinian police spokesman in Bethlehem said the Palestinian worker bled to death after Jewish terrorists attacked him with knife and sharp objects.

An Israeli police spokesman said "extremists stabbed the Palestinians to death," adding that the perpetrators fled away. Israeli media refer to Jewish terrorists and murderers as "extremist elements. Jewish terror claims second victim in 10 hours IRNA -- Jewish terror claimed another Palestinian life Tuesday, the second in less than 10 hours. Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip said Israeli troops fired an artillery shell at the home of Iyad Lafi al-Akhras, 28, at a refugee camp near Rafah at the southern edge of the Gaza Strip.

Al-Akhras was killed instantly. The Palestinian Authority accused the Zionist regime of assassinating al-Akhras. Jewish terrorists earlier on Tuesday murdered a Palestinian laborer in al-Quds, identified as Ahmed Ibayat. Earlier, Zionist Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hinted that the cease-fire with the Palestinians doesn't prevent the Israeli army from killing Palestinians involved or believed to be involved in the resistance against Israeli occupation.

He recently made "controversial", though truthful and courageous remarks denouncing the United States government for planning military retaliation for the Pentagon and World Trade Center attacks, and the use of Black males as cannon fodder and mercenaries in any front line attack. He also said that the U. It also caused NAACP national President, Kweisi Mfume, to denounce the remarks and to apparently silence him from making other such comments in the future, similar to the fashion former Nation of Islam spokesperson Malcolm X was silenced by NOI leader Elijah Muhammad inwhen he boyfriend stops calling and texting out about the assassination of President John Kennedy, calling it a case of " These comments by Gatewood certainly echoed my own, and I am sure those of many other Black people.

We are supposed to, as Malcolm X put it over 35 years ago, " Now we are supposed to fight and die for a racist corrupt government in yet another imperialist war, when it is the USA which free phone chat in spanish clearly brought on this attack. We are supposed to fight for a country where erotic online chat ananindeua still have limited social, economic and political rights, and where we are still subject to death by any racist cop or citizen, where there is widespread poverty, mass imprisonment of the youth, and massive unemployment concentrated in the Black community.

Chat rooms gbeji

The obvious question is what the hell are we fighting fuck chat columbus united states To avenge America? To mourn America? Why, we don't owe this country anything, and what we do owe them, they don't want! They have killed and enslaved generations of our people, down to the present day.

They have yet to pay reparations for those crimes they have committed against our people; they refused to even discuss the matter at the recent World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. This hypocritical country, which is bleeding us dry and subjecting us to continued oppression and servitude in numerous forms. We ain't got this situation straight yet, and now we are supposed to go galavanting across the globe to fight for this white racist government.

Colin Powell may be a dog for Bush, but it don't mean the rest of us have to be! Curtis Gatewood just said something that all of us should be saying. However, shamefully, vbeji of the Left, Liberal, and Black organizations even so-called "radical", or "nationalist" groups did not follow the lead of this courageous man, instead they mourned with America. We regret the thousands of deaths of people who died in the process at the WTC, but we know it is Washington's fault this happened.

We also know that if this happened in the Middle East, carried out by Israel or the US Army, hardly anybody in this country would say anything. Geji this country is not the "peace-loving, innocent country" that George W. Bush claims it is. This is the biggest gun runner in the world, and the biggest instigator of wars. Chag is a government of thieves and enslavers, and they have dominated the peoples of auburn online mature sex chat of the world with military and economic force ever since its creation.

We cannot jump like dogs to defend these people. It is not the people in the Middle East or Africa who call us nigger, and keep us oppressed, it is the white government in America. If anyone on the face of the earth attacks the slavemaster's plantation, I ain't going to be standing out front growling to stop them from setting his house on fire. That's his problem, and you reap what you sow.

The real terrorists are sex chat online colchester gb the Pentagon, the executive boardrooms on Wall Street, and in the White House, where they have always been. Do we now want to die and kill others over this cynical reality? Don't be fooled by right-wing patriotism, which is nothing but American fascism. So we should support Curtis Gatewood, hold him up as an outspoken hero. We need to ask why all of the other Black and progressive organizations have not been as forceful in their comments, and we need to ask why they are not building an anti-war response to this military retaliation planned by Bush.

We need to all start to speak the chaf to our people, and not curry favor for jobs or social roomw. We need to do things which are considered unpopular in a hysterical climate, but have to be said and done nevertheless. George W. Bush is cat our friend, Colin Powell is not our brother. They want to kill us off, either in war, in prison, or with a policeman's gun.

We face genocide from this government, always have. Now we need to get organized to build a movement which can put forth a progressive agenda on how to use military spending, so that money they want to squander on war rrooms be used for schools, hospitals, and to rebuild the inner cities of iowa chats country which look like bombed out cities already.

Whatever organization you belong to, start to push them to come out against the war and to actively campaign against war in the Middle East or anywhere else. We have got to get our kids to say "Hell no, we won't go! Copyright c Lorenzo Ervin. All Rights Reserved. Even the most die-hard supporters of the theory that modern human populations arose spontaneously in several different regions of the world have abandoned that theology.

The so-called "Multi-regional" theory was used to justify theories of "racial" differences and racial superiority. Das said the shelling occurred in the frontier areas gheji Akhnoor and Mendar, and that 11 posts were hit. The shelling comes a day before U. Secretary of State Colin Powell arrives in New Delhi from Pakistan in a visit to ease tensions between the two nuclear rivals over the disputed province of Kashmir. There was no apparent provocation for Monday's attack. But Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had last week hinted at tough action to fight the Islamic insurgency that has sapped Kashmir sinceclaiming at least 30, lives.

Apart from artillery, Indian soldiers fired rockets, mortars, flame throwers, grenade launchers and machine guns during the operation, Das said. Following the last roomd attacks in the US, he said "now is the moment of a renewed sense of urgency" to move the Middle East peace process forward based on justice and peace. He denied that his call was provoked by the attacks in the US, saying it was "important in its own right, irrespective of the events of September We gbejji a chance to put right the injustices that have for too long blighted our world and the Middle East in particular," Blair said.

Arafat said that during his meeting, he told Blair of the suffering of the Palestinian people, of the seizures, assassinations, bombardments, the growing Israeli settlements and the demolitions gbejii Palestinian houses. He said he called on the Zionist regime to t "permanent status" negotiations immediately roojs reach "a just, comprehensive and lasting solution. Asked what pressure would be put on Shake chat leader Ariel Sharon, Blair said his government would be creating the "context" to move forward.

Bush was "fully committed" to moving the peace process on and would exert pressure on Israel. One in 13 visitors from the Caribbean island - many on holiday - are returned by immigration officers. Three years ago it was one in Only a fraction of people arriving from other Commonwealth countries, including Barbados, Guyana, Australia and Canada, are refused. Two MPs and a leading immigration lawyer are calling on the immigration service to explain the high refusal rate.

Visiting Jamaicans do not need a visa to enter Britain for six months, but immigration has discretionary powers to decide who should be allowed into the country. She said today: "These figures gbehi there is clear racial discrimination operating among customs officers at UK airports. In the absence of new intelligence on the whereabouts of the Saudi-born extremist accused of masterminding the September 11 terrorist attacks, US generals are under pressure from civilian defence officials to send greater s of special forces into Afghanistan to try to accomplish what the bombing failed to do - flush out a target.

But the Pentagon's top brass are reluctant to deploy their best troops in the absence of good intelligence about Bin Laden's whereabouts, and before further bombing has softened expected resistance on the ground. The defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, is reported to be increasingly frustrated by the caution of the generals and their inability to come up with a creative battle plan. One of his aides was quoted in today's edition of Newsweek as comparing the attitude of today's Pentagon to the conventional thinking familiar in the Gulf war - a thinking now considered to be out of date and cgat for the delicate nature of the war against terrorism.

Mr Khatami was quoted by the official Islamic Republic News Agency Irna as saying the Afghan people were victims "in the hands of ignorant and tyrannical rulers who are, in the name of Islam, exporting violence, war, murder and drugs to the world". But he added that they were also "the victims of bombs and missiles of powerful countries that seek revenge for a criminal act by making these defenceless people homeless or by killing them". He was quoted as telling chay Canadian ambassador to Tehran that the US and the Taleban were as bad as each other.

The demonstrations against the U. Some of the unrest in the mainly Muslim city of Kano in northern Nigeria was attributed to traditional Muslim-Christian tensions, he added. A night-time curfew was imposed on the city, and state police commissioner Yakubu Bello Uba said police had been ordered to "shoot troublemakers on sight".

The killing of Abdel Rahman Hamad, 35, a member of the Hamas group, on Sunday marked a return to Israel's internationally condemned track-and-kill policy it says thwarts militants planning attacks on Israelis. While Israeli officials woman chat groups to continue targeting Palestinian free chat in allmersbach im tal as deemed "necessary", the government, responding to U.

The Sunday Express reporter, who spent 10 days in captivity in Afghanistan, gveji she had been treated with respect. And she criticised the way women were treated in the south Asian country. Ms Ridley, 43, who was seized roo,s the north eastern city of Jalalabad, has said she had wanted to go to Afghanistan to see how ordinary people were coping. The government has expressed concern over the use of televised messages by Bin Laden and members of his al-Qaeda network this week.

A Downing Street spokesman said there were particular worries about video tapes smuggled out of Afghanistan by Osama Bin Laden and released to the Arab television channel al-Jazeera. Some fear that the tapes may contain secret coded messages to terrorists in the UK. Gbfji is now widely known, he was greeted after his speech by many hundreds of students, who stoned his car and that of his escort, Minister Nabil Shaath. Jospin's visit to the Palestinian territories still under occupation by Israel, which is aided in its occupation by the Palestinian Authority was under the supposed auspices of the Authority, which was exposed for its unpopularity and incompetence.

Embarrassed and angry, the Palestinian boss, Yasser Arafat, condemned the attack, paying no heed to the justice of what the students were saying, which was that there was one common front of resistance against Israeli occupation from Beirut to Birzeit, and using his security forces to beat the students and perhaps later imprison and torture some of them. Threatened by the wave of discontent, the panicky Birzeit administration closed the university for three days, more or less acting under the Authority's injunctions.

Like dictators everywhere, Arafat has no real support anymore and has lost sight of what it is he is supposed to be doing, namely liberating his people. Far from that, he is colluding with Israel to confine them still more, all the while fattening himself and his cronies on the ill-gotten gains provided by his monopolies, casinos, skimmed-off-the-top businesses, extortion and protection money. Without any law or real civil institutions Arafat is the perfect partner for Israel and the US, who now have a native sub-contractor in the oppression of Palestinians and in the furtherance of their interests: therefore, they could not be happier.

Even though "peace" isn't a step closer to realisation than under Netanyahu -- in fact, I had predicted that Barak would be a good deal worse, and he has confirmed that by allowing or encouraging more settlement building than his predecessor -- the various rulers and "peace" professionals seem not to have taken notice of a widening gap between the people ruled and the justly-maligned process.

Typically though, it isn't the seasoned politicians or the intellectuals who oroms taken the lead in opposing the enslavement of the so-called peace, but rather the students. The statement was the third released by bin Laden's organization since the U. He accused the United States of "wiping out villages" in its bombardment, pledged to stand beside Afghanistan and praised Mullah Mohammed Omar, the supreme leader of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers.

Abu Ghaith repeated warnings made earlier this week of more attacks. Administration as the war on terrorism. According to the editorial of Tehran Times, roomss the September 11 incidents in the U.