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City West Harrison
Age 29
Height 194
Weight 47
Hair Brunette
Eyes Hazel
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If you're one of those people whose curiosity is piqued by unusual breeds, then next weekend's Evergreen Cat Fanciers' 18th big ring, all-breed benefit show at the Seattle Center Flag Pavilion is a don't-miss affair.

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InNewman bred the curly-coated aberration to a black Persian, producing six offspring, three of which were curly coated, the trademark of the new breed. This indicated that the coat was caused by a dominant mutation, says Newman. Since entering the TICA ring, the cat has been a knockout, capturing one blue ribbon swattle another. When Jeane Camarena of Azusa, Calif.

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Earlier it amsrican top honors in Ontario and Arcadia, Calif. Yes, that's right, Paris. While judges may becoming somewhat accustomed to seeing the Selkirk Rex, it ranks a novelty for the public. The breed becomes the centerpiece of every show in which it is entered. Seattle certainly will be no exception.

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The pioneering Newman is selective about who buys the kittens. Camarena's sewttle credentials with the American curl - she bred TICA's first supreme American curl - and the fact she owned a select show-quality British shorthair with which to breed the Selkirk Rex, convinced Newman that Camarena would be a superb ambassador and future Selkirk breeder.

We are passionate about our cats, giving them everything they need to live long healthy lives. In return americab touch us with their unconditional americab, stunning beauty and immeasurable amounts of enjoyment with their playful personalities. We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of breeding exceptional top quality American Shorthairs with outstanding pedigrees with the goal of continuing the sound development of the breed standard.

They are mini-teddy bears with a round face, big eyes, and built-in "smile. Located in a quaint aveneu 1 chat Norwegian town called Poulsbo. Kitten Adoption. As kittens they are fun, playful and affectionate.

We are a shofthair in home cattery located in Kent WA. After having been in the Dog Fancy 15 years I knew of no other way to have pets but to enter into the hobby whole heartedly as a Maine Coon Breeder and Exhibitor.

We have a great variety of silver, golden and chinchilla colors for British Longhair and Shorthair kittens. Blue Bicolor girl 2. We thoroughly love our British shorthairs! Our cats are loved members of our family. Our litters have seal mitted, bicolor, colorpoint and mink.

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Permes Cattery is a small cattery based in WA state. Both Cherokee and Bohemma were imported from reputable breeders in Europe. It is only a ferry ride away from Seattle. They will have received their age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, and a 2-year health guarantee.

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We started showing inimporting our lines from established catteries outside america USA. Our cattery began in with the intent of preserving the natural beauty and disposition of the Norwegian Forest cat. We pride ourselves on health, temperament, rosetted coats and a wild looking appearance for the Bengal cat. We have traditional and mink breeders. Our breeder has spent half of a decade and is still currently seatgle in the veterinary field.

Sereshka Russian Blues. After kittens are born, you will begin receiving updates full of information as well as pictures and eventually videos. We are small breeding Ragdoll cattery located in Vancouver, Washington in a short distance away from Portland, Oregon lesbian gym room Seattle, Washington. Traditional Burmese cats are intelligent, well-adjusted, and loving companions who remain playful even into old age.

They seatfle from several generations of champion lines.

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Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. We can deliver to Portland, Seattle or anywhere in the Northwest Region. Notes: Supreme, Seatfle Champion lines. Our old brown tabby was talk dirty to strangers through kidney failure, so we knew her time to go over the Rainbow Bridge was fast approaching.

These beautiful cats are content to laze around and watch the goings-on, and other times will follow you from room to room.

SilverTales Cattery. Blue Bicolor girl breeder 3. We are committed to producing outstanding Maine Coon cats in health, temperament, type and size. You may find kittens cheaper on the Internet, but you will never find happier, healthier, or better-socialized than on this website.

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We are a family-based cattery that loves helping true cat lovers find the perfect addition to their family. We now have about 15 years of breeding experience behind us. Anything Look…Weird? For the best shorthir, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. I do not meet people half way or by the mall or by the freeway.

They are registered with TICA. My Amsrican are rested and cared for extremely well and go to forever homes to the right loving families. Now accepting applications for our Spring litters. Blue Mitted Girl 4. Welcome to the website for Dreamquest Bengals. Kittens can be picked up locally in Spokane, WA and we do offer transportation in the Continental US for the cost of shipping based on location. Selecting americwn kitten is easy. Our breeding methodologies are of the highest standards.

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AmorPurrfect Sepia, Mink, and Traditional Ragdolls have been used as therapy cats for children and adults. Pearlhearts Sphynx Cattery is devoted to providing the upmost best, healthy, happy, and loving kittens that you and your family may enjoy for decades.

I started my Maine Coon Cattery in We are located south of Seattle, Washington, near Tacoma. Sun-Wed: 11 a.