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Mixing with IBC is the most efficient way to mix powders and granules in the pharmaceutical industry.

The I-tumbler is a blender of the IBC designed to mix and homogenize powders and granules. The particular positioning of the cage, according to a combined inclinations system creates an asymmetric movement of the product in the IBC allowing a high mixing efficiency even in the case of "difficult" products.
Possible options:
- The MS version (Multi-size), suitable to accommodate all IBC sizes .
- NIR probe for monitoring the mixing process.
The base and the cage are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with satin finish and welds removed.
The I-Tumbler can be installed "through-wall" to save space in the process area.

The IBC is placed on the I-Tumbler easily by hand pallet or fork lift.


  • Key Benefits.

  •  High productivity.
  •  bin loading and unloading much easier.
  •  Efficient mixing of the product due to the paticular position of the IBC.
  • through wall installation.
  • very simple operator interface.
  • Recipes mixing stored.
  • Validation according to GAMP standards.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Technical specifications

I-Tumbler 900 I-Tumbler S I-Tumbler L I-Tumbler MS
Maximum working capacity (Lt) 600 600-1500 1200-2200 600-2200
Mixing Speed (RPM)      4-20 giri/min  
Recommended Bin filling     30-75%
Electric Supply    400 V / 50 Hz   
Electric Supply Installed (kW) 9 15 22 22
A (mm) 2950 3700 3900 3700
B (mm) 2500 2615 3055 3340
C (mm) 2900 3660 3860 3660
 D (mm) 2800 3840 3840 3840

Dimensional sheet