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I-Tablet  Bin

I-Tablet Bin

I-Tablet Bin is designed and constructed in according with the strictest cGMP for the containment of Tablets.
I-Tablet Bin can be supplied in various types: square, rectangular, from 3 to 600lt. and wheels for easy handling.
Its particular structure improves the discharge of the product and avoid stagnation of water during washing

• key Benefits

• Large radius between the flat parts.
• food-grade silicone gaskets.
• DN 400 cover in AISI 316L with handle, clamp closure with safety pin.
• 2 guides for easy stacking with a fork lift or hand pallet.
• Ideal design for a perfect cleaning.
• Disharge valve according to the customer's request.
• Material Specification

•  Parts in contact with the product in AISI 316 L
• Internal finish polished with Ra 0.5 µm
• internal welds removed and polished with Ra 0.5 µm

• Parts not in contact:

• Frame and legs with a brushed finish
• Welding removed and scotchbright finish.
• Parts not in contact with the product AISI 304.


Technical specifications

Technical Data
Liters 200 400 600
A (mm) 900 1125 1375
B (mm) 1000 1210 1335