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Bin Docking station

Bin Docking station

              Description I-Pharma emptying station.                          

The system is composed of a square/rectangular frame depends of the bin’s  foot print,  it’s can be easily placed through 4 centering cups and 2 pins where the bin will be centered with high accuracy.

A conical discharge hopper is located in the middle of the station and the dust tight connection between the bin butterfly valve and the hopper is assured by:

  • Silicon gasket compressed by the weight of the bin.
  • Hopper with the special gasket where the gasket it’s sealed to the valve’s flange.

The hopper can be supplied with a manual or automatic closing lid.

Manual or fully automatic, charging and discharging stations can incorporate a number of different options:

  • Vibration for difficult flowing products.
  • Electrical or pneumatic opening and closing valve.
  • Air-blowing of the valve face and dust extract,
  • Weighing and dosing for accurate filling and discharging.


Discharging Product is performed through a special liner to avoid the cleaning and disassembling pipe or accessories after unloading process.

The liner it’s easily positioned by operator and after discharging cycle the operator can close the liner with the clips or welding avoiding any contamination.  


 Materials specification:


  • All parts in contact are in AISI 316 L mirror polished Ra<0,5 micron or HD polyethylene FDA approved.
  • All non contact parts are in AISI 304 satin finished Ra<1,5 micron.

Electrical & Electronic:

PLC by Siemens. Allen Bradley PLCs are available on request.

HMI by Siemens Allen Bradley HMIs are available on request



Compressed air consumption in case of vibrating hopper is 100 l/min at 6 bar.

400V, 50 H, 3-phase